How Faithlife Employees Study the Bible

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Faithlife employees recently went through Dr. Darrell Bock’s Mobile Ed course, Learn to Study the Bible together. The study united employees from different departments to focus on reading and studying Scripture. To get a better sense of the experience, I sat down with Instructional Designer Jon Pierceson, SDA Product Manager Martin Weber, and Conference Marketing Team Lead Kelly McCoy and asked each of them about their experience with Dr. Bock’s course.

Why does Bible study matter?

Jon Pierceson: Christians study the Word of God because it’s just that—God’s word. It’s what he says. Christians want to know what God has to say because it impacts Christians’ lives and how we relate to one another. It impacts how we live and what we do. I use my personal Bible study time to prepare for preaching and leading my men’s small group.
Martin Weber: The Holy Spirit breathes life into the Word.
Kelly McCoy: Bible study is important for people who are searching for answers or clarity or understanding that they have a tool to help them find that.

Which Bible study tools do you use?

Martin Weber: I love that I can use the Topic Guide or Factbook in Logos Bible Software. Logos is with me no matter how deep or superficial I want to go into a particular topic. Logos is just like a good friend.
Jon Pierceson: I’m a firm believer in Mobile Ed. It’s what the church needs—theological education. Mobile Ed delivers an easy and accessible way for leaders to obtain theological education. Every Christian in a leadership role should have a copy of Logos. I think Logos Bible Software and Mobile Ed bridge the gap of theological and biblical study to help Christian leaders further develop in their faith.

Who are Mobile Ed courses for?

Martin Weber: I think a lot of people who never had chance to go to seminary and are expected to present the Word of God. Mobile Ed replicates the very best aspects of the seminary experience.

What are your favorite Mobile Ed courses?

Jon Pierceson: Bryan Chapell’s Preaching Bundle (CM151 and CM152)
Ben Witherington’s The Wisdom of John: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Johannine Literature (NT221)
Doug Moo’s New Testament Theology (NT305)
Martin Weber: Morris Proctor’s Logos Academic Training (LT161)
Jon Paulien’s Biblical Eschatology Bundle (NT386 and BI290)
Find your own favorite! Browse all Mobile Ed courses by name or professor.

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Written by Liz Melton