How Charitable Is Your Church? 7 Ways to Increase Generous Giving

“Is it better to give or to receive?”

Without hesitation, most church members would answer “To give!” Yet, when it comes to actually giving? You know how it goes. . . . 

There’s considerably more hesitation, and even people who absolutely want to give don’t always follow through with their intentions. For example, the majority of church members don’t tithe. Only a scant 1 percent of millennials do.1

What if you could flip the switch and know how to increase generous giving at your church—make it the norm? If tithing were only the start of cheerful contribution to the Lord’s work in and through your church? 

See seven concrete steps to making that kind of giving a reality with biblical stewardship with a new church giving guide from Faithlife: 7 Indispensable Ways to Build Generosity into the DNA of Your Church.

Read one way below, then get all seven for free.

free guide on how to increase generous giving


In the business world, you’ll often hear the term “stretch goals.” It’s a simple idea. Set a goal that’s tough to accomplish but will motivate those you lead to put in extra effort and “stretch themselves.” Technology CEOs often lean into stretch goals to push their organizations forward to places no one thought possible. 

Your church should have a different motivation for setting stretch goals. Pushing your church to places where it has to trust God isn’t just good management. It’s what God has called us to do. Hebrews 11:6 reminds us, “Without faith it is impossible to please [God].” If you’re setting giving goals that your church can accomplish on its own, you’re setting your sights too low. Instead, set “faith goals”—goals that can only be accomplished if God steps in to do the impossible.

Whatever giving goal you feel like setting for the next quarter, the following year, or your next capital campaign, take it up a notch. If you feel comfortable with your goal, raise it. When you’re convinced you’re preparing your church to fail miserably, you’ve likely found the right number.

How do “faith goals” build generosity into your church’s DNA? They tell your church that biblical generosity ultimately has a foundation of faith. That message won’t just resonate in your church’s offering plate or your bottom line. You’ll soon see it take root in everything your church community does—whether it’s meeting a need in a neighbor’s life, participating in a mission trip, or tackling an impossible ministry endeavor. 


Download the free guide to get more tips on how to increase generous giving in your church today.

free guide on how to increase generous giving

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