Here’s how to get started

1. Download the Faithlife Study Bible app from the Apple Store, the Google Play store, or Amazon.

2. Register or sign in with your Faithlife account.

3. Enter the referral code Bible to join “The Bible” Interactive Viewing Group.

4. Select the News icon from the menu and select “Find nearby presentations!”

5. Select “Use my location” and push “OK” to turn on location settings.

On Sunday:

1. Open the Faithlife app at the start of the show (Sundays, 8/7 Central).

2. Once prompted with a “Follow Presentations” box, select “The Bible Miniseries.”

3. You’ll see notifications at the bottom of the reading screen.

If you want to join the conversation in “The Bible” Interactive Viewing Group:

1. Select the menu button.

2. Select the Community icon.