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Garden tomb in Jerusalem

Can knowing geography help us know God better?

When it comes to Bible geography, the answer is yes. This month’s free book shows how.

Going Places with God: A Devotional Journey Through the Lands of the Bible offers 90 devotional readings, each based on a specific biblical place.

This excerpt from day 54 gives a look at the types of insights you can expect.


No rivers run through it

Deuteronomy 11:10–14

When we think of the land God prepared for his people, we might imagine another garden of Eden—a land of grassy meadows, fertile forests, and rivers aplenty. But Canaan was far from paradise.

God fashioned the land to cultivate a particular response and behavior from his people: the response of faith and the behavior of faithfulness. The Lord took his people to a place where, through their dependence on him to meet their physical needs, he would develop their spiritual lives.

Unlike Egypt, which had the Nile, and Mesopotamia, which had the Euphrates, Canaan had no major river or water source to guarantee life. Because water remained the most important variable in the land of Canaan, God used the climate to encourage Israel to trust and obey Him. The land, the Lord said, “Drinks water from the rain of heaven” (Deut 11:11). In Hebrew, the word for “water” (mayim) is related to the word for “heaven” (shamayim). So, even in their language, God reminded his people that they drew their very existence from him.

We find the same true in our lives today. God has not placed us in paradise but in places where he can give us something far more valuable—himself. Through our health, finances, family, and constant struggles, God shapes our spiritual lives by revealing our inability to meet our own needs. He takes us to places of dependence because he loves us. The struggle prompts us to admit we must depend on him to receive the life that is life indeed.

Mighty God, it seems I live where either the water is scarce or it threatens to swamp me. You have placed me in a land where I must walk closely with You if I am to survive. Thank You for keeping me dependent on You.

God hath in himself all power to defend you . . . all grace to enrich you . . . all goodness to supply you.

—Thomas Brooks

See maps on pages 28–29, 42–43, 56–57.1


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