Going Back to School? Bring Logos!

It won’t be long before fall is in full swing. Don’t get stuck waiting for your books to ship, or crossing your fingers that your school has a couple copies left when you get there. Logos Bible Software helps you get the answers you need from the resources you want.

Pouring over scholarly works is rewarding, but when school already costs you an arm and a leg, your books shouldn’t take what’s left. Logos resources maximize the value of your budget and each book it buys.

Don’t waste shelf space

When you finish a class and start a new semester, even the best books spend too much time on the shelf. A new batch of courses, texts, and studies leaves your old books behind to collect dust. With Logos, your books stay relevant to your current studies. Logos finds the ways the content connects, so you can keep bringing fresh insight to the discussion.

Build the smartest library

The more books you have in Logos, the more sources you have to draw from. Producing sound biblical exegesis takes less time when all the tools you need are at your fingertips. Powerful Bible dictionaries stand at the ready while you pick apart your favorite commentaries, and Greek and Hebrew resources help you get to the roots of Scripture. Logos identifies all the ways your resources intersect, so you can search passages, terms, topics, people, and more, and Logos picks out every section of every resource that mentions what you searched for. It’s like having a personal research assistant put in hours of work—instantly.

You can buy the textbooks you need right now to start building your Logos library, but to get the most from Logos (and your books), you’ll want to get your hands on a base package. Base packages provide you with an unparalleled digital library, built to provide you with the best possible Bible study tools. When you get a base package, you don’t just get books. You get datasets. No where else in the world can you get these unique tools designed to simplify your studies and help you see the Bible from every angle. As you study, you can click any person, place, or thing in the Bible to access tools like Factbook, which pulls up every mention of that person, place, or thing in the Bible, as well as your other texts. If you want to know about a person, Bible Facts also displays their family tree, transforming genealogies into visual representations of familial relationships.

The Bible is a limitless pool of knowledge and wisdom. Logos Bible Software gives you the best tools to plunge into that pool and emerge with the insight you need. Get a Logos base package today.

Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson