Get the Verse of the Day on All Your Screens

If you follow @Faithlife on Twitter, you’ve seen our Verse of the Day slides, created by our team of designers. Each day, they illustrate a new verse with digital art. The results are often illuminating and always stunning.

We recently launched three new ways to access the Verse of the Day:

  • Verse of the Day Windows App—Set your Windows lock screen to display the current Verse of the Day and browse through the last 30 days of images.
  •—Fill your home with vivid Bible art. Add the Bible Screen channel to your Roku, or download .zip files for your digital photo frames or any other screens in your house.
  • Verse of the Day Plugin—Add Verse of the Day art to your website with this simple HTML plugin. Choose your favorite translation and specify either graphical or textual formats. These five lines of code will add artwork to your website’s sidebar.

The current day’s art can always be found here, but these three new solutions deliver Bible art to the places that are most convenient for you.

Written by
Ray Deck III

Born in WV, Ray escaped to North Carolina at a young age. He came to Logos after an 8 year stint at a faith-based nonprofit in New York. When he is not assembling sequences of words, he’s probably running, surfing or shooting skeet, but you should probably go look for him. He has a terrible sense of direction and is probably lost.

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Written by Ray Deck III