Get Professional Church Designs without a Designer

Finding the perfect presentation slides for your church service can take a lot of time.
For one, they need to match the tone and feel of your sermon, song, or announcement.
Second, they need just the right contrast, spacing, and more to be readable from the back of the room—which can be hard to pull off without design skills.
Faithlife Sermons takes care of all this for you. You get visuals for countdown timers, social shares, sermon slides, and more—and you can adjust many of them yourself.

Creating designs in Faithlife Sermons

Now in Faithlife Sermons, you can create custom sermon or lyric slides using Smart Media.
Here’s how.

  1. Choose from thousands of slide series designs. Some designs are fixed, but others you can customize. Customizable slides have .PPT, .JPG, or .PSD download options below the image thumbnail. Take a look at some of the options in the media search on the Faithlife Sermons page.
  1. If you select a slide series you can customize, simply click a blank slide and begin entering your content. That could be your sermon title and passage, song lyrics, your church’s social feed, or any announcements. Within a few minutes, you’ll have all your content on one set of slides.



  1. When you’re ready, download your slides in your preferred file type, so you can easily use the visuals on Sunday morning.

That’s it!


Simplify your sermon prep and service planning with a free 30-day trial of Faithlife Sermons.

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Faithlife Staff

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Written by Faithlife Staff