Find a Predefined Reading Plan That Fits Your Faithlife Groups!

Faithlife is your online tool to connect around the Word. On Faithlife, you can share reading plans with all your Christian groups, study Scripture, tackle difficult passages, and share notes. From custom reading plans to preexisting reading plans, there are options to fit all your needs.

The Power of Predefined Reading Plans

Predefined reading plans give you a different approach to reading in community. They let you focus on a single biblical theme and discover where that theme comes up in Scripture. Defined reading plans are built into your Logos software, Faithlife account, and the Faithlife Study Bible. They’re terrific ways to study specific topics like faith, worship, baptism, discipleship, love, and much more. Each plan is tied to a specific theme and an allotted amount of time—you can take a seven-day journey on forgiveness, or experience 10 psalms on thanksgiving, or take two months to dig deeply into the Gospel of Luke. There are reading plans for just about anything. And now you can read anywhere with the Faithlife Study Bible—get it FREE!

How Do I Use Predefined Reading Plans?

Now you can share these predefined reading plans with any of your Faithlife groups. Here’s how to set up a predefined reading plan just right for you and your groups:
1. Select the group you want to read with in Faithlife.
2. In the sidebar, click the “Add” option in the Today’s Readings widget.
3. In the dropdown window, choose from the long list of predefined reading plans.
4. Members in the group can then “connect” and start the group reading plan.
It’s as simple as that. This powerful tool allows you to delve deeper into the faith and share your journey with others. You can create reading plans for any of your Faithlife groups, or form a group around any of the 20,000-plus resources available through Logos. Get your groups ready, and start reading today!

*Don’t have a Faithlife account yet? Sign in using your Logos account, or sign up for a free account today!

Written by
Jack Chambers
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Written by Jack Chambers