Faithlife Groups Now Support Push Notifications on Mobile

Faithlife is your online Christian community. It goes where you go. Time, distance, and busy lives don’t have to separate you from your church or small group when you can take the conversation on the go.
Thanks to a few of our more recent updates to the Faithlife Groups mobile app, it’s even easier to keep up with the conversation in your church family. Any time you’re directly mentioned in a post, or you receive a message, you’ll feel the familiar buzz on your phone that tells you someone is talking to you.
push notifications
If you’ve been waiting to join Faithlife Groups with your small group or church, now is the time. With the addition of push notifications, Faithlife Groups is even more equipped to be the ultimate church communication tool. With features like Community Notes and the discussions tab, Faithlife Groups helps you keep the conversation focused on what matters most to you. Share your thoughts about what you’re reading, and help each other stay on track with a shared Bible reading plan.
As always, if you ever think something could be better, just tell us! You can let us know on the forums, or in the Faithlife Beta group. Our mission is to serve the church, and if we can do that better, as part of the church, you get to tell us how.
Find your church on Faithlife Groups right now. If no one’s using it yet, claim it, and show your church how to get started. Or, create a brand new group for your small group or ministry.

Written by
Ryan Nelson
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Written by Ryan Nelson