Faithlife Groups 101: Learn from a Veteran

Join Faithlife Groups 101 to learn how to use Faithlife groups in your church or small group.

If you’re new to Faithlife groups, you may find yourself wondering how to get started. After you create your profile, you might still have questions.

How do I find a reading plan?

How do prayer lists work?

What do I use the discussions tab for?

If that sounds like you, David Taylor Jr. is here to help. David has been using Faithlife groups since it was in its earliest form—we even used his church as a test group.

Now he uses Faithlife groups with a small group he leads, another small group he is a part of, Liberty University’s Faithlife group for students, and a separate group for him and his accountability partner.

Why? Because Faithlife groups are a unique tool with a wide range of applications.

As an avid user and an advocate on the forums, David decided to create a Faithlife group to teach people how groups work. It’s open to anyone, so you can join it right now.

There are lots of resources out there to teach you how to use Faithlife groups for your ministry team, church, small group, family, worship team, and more.

On the forums, you can ask questions to other users and even hear from our software developers. If your question has been asked before, the forums are a great place to get hard and fast answers.

You can search the Faithlife blog to learn more about features like Community Notes.

Following the blog is a great way to learn about updates, see how others are using Faithlife groups, and find inspiring devotionals on small groups, ministry, Scripture, and more.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning, David’s Faithlife group is a great way to get started. As an experienced Faithlife user, David wants to show people why Faithlife groups have been such a great free tool for his church, small groups, and more.

Learn about the unique features of Faithlife groups, and see how David’s church has applied them. If you’ve ever thought about using a Faithlife group for your church, but aren’t sure how it all works,

Faithlife Groups 101 is a valuable user-created resource to help you get started.

See why David likes this tool so much that he wanted to teach strangers how to use it. Join Faithlife Groups 101 today!

Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson