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Prayer is an amazing privilege too few of us really take advantage of. As Martin Luther put it, “Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.” There’s no doubt about it—we should pray more. That’s probably on millions of new year’s resolutions lists every year. This month’s free book helps 2022 be the year to follow through.

In A Year of Prayer, John MacArthur takes readers through a week-by-week journey closer to God through Scripture readings and earnest prayers on these themes:

  • Worship and the attributes of God
  • Joy and longing
  • The cross and the gospel
  • Personal holiness
  • Useful service

It also includes a special prayer for Christmas (below) and one for Easter.

Our great and gracious God, no language on earth has words sufficient to give voice to our praise when we contemplate all that Christ has done for us.

How could we ever thank You enough for sending Your own dear Son from heaven to earth in the form of a lowly, common-born human baby to be our Redeemer and Substitute?

The fullness of His condescension and sacrifice, his humble obedience to the point of death—even death on a cross—is beyond our mind’s grasp. It makes us eager for the time when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to Your glory, Father.

Heaven awaits a more suitable tribute than we are now capable of offering, and it will be our joy to fill all eternity with unbounded praise.

Our hearts are humbled and our minds taken captive by the reality that Christ left the glory of heaven to enter the world of humanity in so humble a fashion. He was born like us, so that we might become like him. He made himself a servant to show us how to lead. He gave his life that we might live. He suffered so that we can share in his glory.

We praise You for the ineffable wisdom of Christ’s incarnation. His person deity and humanity are united in an indivisible unity. Thus he could die on our behalf as one of us, yet remain sinless. Now he intercedes for us as both God and man—the perfect mediator. He is Immanuel—God with us. He is the living proof that God is for us, and if our God is for us, we know that no one can prevail against us.

Make these truths more precious in our sight than any of the empty pleasures of this world. This world could never give any gift equal to the gift of Christ.

We confess, dear Father, that of all earthly creatures we are the least worthy to have Christ to become one of us and sacrifice his life for our redemption. The enormity of our sin is a scandal. The sheer number of our transgressions is staggering. The many deliberate ways we have rebelled are shameful. Our culpability is beyond question. The weight of guilt that we have accumulated is frightful. And yet Christ took the full burden of all our sin and disgrace and stood in our place to receive the due judgment. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift to us.

In response we can only offer our highest words of praise—knowing how utterly feeble our best worship is, compared to the matchless worth of Christ. Give us more suitable expressions of gratitude. Fill us with hope and assurance. Steady our erratic and error-prone walk. Conform us to Christ’s likeness and help us to walk in His steps. And may our lives thus honor him better than our tongues are able. We ask these things in his blessed name. Amen.

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