Create Custom Reading Plans to Share with Your Faithlife Groups!

Building a custom reading plan is an easy way to connect with your Faithlife groups. Whether it’s for your church, your small group, or your Christian book club, Faithlife allows you to create a plan around your schedule and needs. Maybe you already have a Faithlife group you want to transition into a reading group, or maybe you want to form a group around a certain text. Creating a group is easy.

Once you have the group you want, it’s time to select the text. In order for everyone to participate in your group reading plan, everyone MUST own the resource you want to read. Just like in a face-to-face book club, you can’t read if you don’t own the text! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your custom reading plan:
1. Open your Logos Bible Software
2. Under File, select Reading Plan

3. Select the text you want, how often you read, when you start, when you want to finish reading, and what group you want to share with.

4. Click “Generate”
Now you’re ready to read with your group. A reading schedule will automatically appear in Faithlife’s “Today’s Readings” widget to keep you on track. You’ll be able to talk about the text, share your insight, and so much more from within your group on Faithlife. Get started today!
*Don’t have a Faithlife account yet? Sign in using your Logos account, or sign up for a free account today.

Written by
Jack Chambers
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Written by Jack Chambers