Connect the Testaments: Writing a Devotional


“You eventually discover that it’s not about you reading the text, but the text reading you,” a professor once remarked.

If we don’t allow the Spirit to make us more like Jesus through our reading of the Bible, then why read it at all?
Devotional content sweeps away the proverbial dust from our Bibles—making the text more personal. It also allows the Bible to “read itself”—to speak to us directly through its inner monologue and the dialogues between its inspired authors. These ideas combined to create Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional.

The devotional began as an idea for a reading plan offering biblical theology. The biblical authors had unique insights and interests: how God’s work began and begins, new beginnings, spiritual renewal, prophecy, God’s work in history and how he grew and grows his kingdom. The reading plan was developed with those interests and themes in mind, intentionally setting up exchanges between the biblical authors across the testaments. It was designed to cover every day of the year. Each reading includes passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Wisdom literature like Proverbs, Psalms, and Job.

The devotional focuses on how the biblical text connects between the testaments. It demonstrates what those conversations teach us about living for Jesus. Some links are made through broader themes, and others are as simple as the biblical text quoting itself. The devotional is dedicated to making God’s message understandable and relevant for those seeking to live for Jesus.

The late scholar Brevard Childs once said, “Wherever the Spirit is not present, there is no great explanation possible.” Connect the Testaments is about empowering people to find explanations for problems in both the biblical text and in their lives.

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Written by
John D. Barry
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Written by John D. Barry