2019’s Most Popular Church Slides

Faithlife Proclaim
has thousands of beautiful church graphics, countdown timers, motion graphics, and more for church slides. Picking a favorite would be impossible.

So instead, we’ve collected the most popular options from Proclaim Pro Media (created by Faithlife’s professional designers) and free Proclaim Community Media (shared by Faithlife Proclaim churches) in 2019. 

Since over 10,000 churches run Proclaim, that means these designs got a lot of uses—nearly 236,000.

Proclaim Pro Media top slides of 2019

1. Welcome

church slides blog post

2. Background

church slides blog post

3. Motion background

4. Motion background

5. Motion background

6. Motion background

7. Motion background

8. Motion Background

9. Announcement

church slides blog post

10. Announcement

Proclaim Community Media top slides of 2019

1. Silence your cell phones

2. Biblia

3. Happy New Year motion

4. Cyan motion

5. Announcements page

6. Bible

7. Shhhhhhh

church slides blog post

8. Green Light

9. Nighttime stars – song

10. Background

church slides blog post

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Faithlife Staff

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Written by Faithlife Staff