Some Live Stream Mistakes Are Too Easy. Is Your Church Making Them?

girl at table looks bored watching a church live stream

This comment on a church’s recent live stream caught my eye: “Can’t hear anything. Is this user error?” Other viewers chimed in that the live stream audio had, in fact, gone missing.

That live stream mistake isn’t all that common—and it could’ve been due to “technical difficulties”—not really a mistake at all.

But other church live stream mistakes are definitely mistakes, and they happen in churches everywhere every week.

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Whether your church started live streaming in response to the pandemic or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s a digital pathway worth clearing. People are online and on their devices an astounding number of hours. In 2019 (even before COVID forced school, work, and church services online), the average person spent nearly 7 hours every day on the internet—which works out to 100 days of every year.1

That’s a vivid reminder of how your church’s presence online gives more people the opportunity to discover it.

Stories echo that truth. One pastor shared in What This Livestream Moment Means for the Church:

I meet people all the time and they’re like, “So I started watching your services online. I really like your talk. I started crying during the music. Is that normal?” Like they have all these questions simply because we allowed them a view into our family.2

But because people are on their devices so often, getting them to your church’s live stream is only half the battle.

Jacob D. Myers explains in Curating Church: Strategies for Innovative Worship that digital devices “intensify our status as consumers.”3 Yet church services strive to prompt people to do more than sit back and watch. As James 1:22 commands, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only . . . ” (ESV).

Myers also explains another truth—that “digital devices have transformed how we interact with others.”4

Does your church’s live stream acknowledge that? Is it doing everything it can for your church?

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Mary Jahnke

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Written by Mary Jahnke