Church Budget Got You Down? Get This Free Guide.

Working in the church (salaried or not) is a huge honor. Nothing’s better than sharing the gospel with people and teaching the truth of God’s Word.

Administration is a huge part of church ministry, and church budgeting a big part of administration—an area not everyone is skilled in.

Whether you oversee the whole church budget or just one part, know budgets like the back of your hand or are just building one, there are a few keys to making your church budget predictable.  

We’ve created this free guide that takes you through five easy steps to build a budget uniquely contoured to your ministry’s needs:

  • Find your “why”—the goals your budget will help you reach
  • Assess your current expenses
  • Envision future ministry opportunities
  • Cultivate a more reliable income stream
  • Thank those who give to your ministry

Leading with a predictable budget could allow you to take ministry goals from “maybe someday” to “maybe next month.” Imagine what you could accomplish with a predictable budget and bandwidth to dream big. That’s what this guide will help you do.


Download your free guide and get started on your new church budget today.

Free Guide: 5 Proven Steps to a Predictable Church Budget

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Faithlife Staff

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Written by Faithlife Staff