9 Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Office

snow covered walls

If your work place embraces holiday festivities, take a look at how we transformed the place we work every day into a fun holiday retreat. For the last couple of weeks, Faithlife’s offices have been full of subtle (and not so subtle reminders) of what’s just around the corner.

Cover everything in paper

Mobile Education created a winter wonderland by covering every surface in their office with paper.

Christmas lights, snowflakes, and icicles
Christmas lights, snowflakes, and icicles dangle from the ceiling.


Nobody is supposed to go out this door anyways (the space outside is under construction). Now it’s blocked by an igloo and guarded by penguins!


penguin crossing
Be careful that you don’t step on one of these little penguins.

Build your own Christmas tree

Lexham Press got creative and used print copies of our books to make this impressive Christmas tree. It sits beside the window for people to admire from outside.

creative Christmas tree
Life cycle of a tree: from tree, to paper, to book, to tree.


Christmas tree made from books
If you ever run out of room on your bookshelves, you could always try this.

Christmas lights everywhere

Recreate a Hogwarts Christmas

The content innovation team has a history of going all out for decorating contests. This year was no exception.

Hedwig and Platform 9 3/4
Hedwig awaits you as your adventure begins at Platform 9 3/4.


Dobby on the Hogwarts Express
Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express with Dobby the elf.


students not allowed in forbidden forest
Beware of the Forbidden Forest. It is, after all, forbidden.

Forbidden forest

Hogwarts floating candles
In October, floating candles would’ve been creepy. In December, they’re delightful.

Turn your office into Narnia

Narnia christmas
This is how you enter customer service right now.

Force the Star Wars connection

Hey, why not? Verbum helped make sure everybody was ready to watch The Force Awakens.

Festive Stormtrooper
This stormtrooper was a little short, so we gave him a hat.


Darth Vader
Don’t get on Santa’s dark side list.

Star Wars Christmas

aluminum foil Death Star
That’s no aluminum foil moon. It’s an aluminum foil space station.

Make everything into candy canes

A little wrapping paper, some red, some white, and voila. Your office is ready for Christmas.
candy cane wall

candy cane lightsabers
Josh Grantham and Brandon Rappuhn duke it out with candy cane lightsabers.


Setting up a photo booth gives people a fun excuse to swing by your office.
Setting up a photo booth gives people a fun excuse to swing by your office.

Have Christmas somewhere warm

The e-commerce team decided to heat things up with a Christmas tiki lounge. Their unique theme won this year’s “small department” Christmas decorating contest—and with it, a free team lunch.
tiki lounge
Christmas lights in the tiki lounge
tropical plant
paper guitar

Set up advent stations

This year, our designers transformed DSGNHAVN into a journey through advent. Five advent stations offered a passage of Scripture with imagery prepared based on that passage.

Upon entering the basement where our designers dwell, our judges were handed a map, with a brief explanation of each advent station:
stations of advent
advent stations
advent station doves
Psalm 130
baby Jesus
journey through advent
Isaiah advent
toy guitar
The journey through advent won the large department category of the contest.

Mix and match Pinterest ideas

The employee services team gathered up their favorite Pinterest-based Christmas decorations and crafted as many as they could.

Christmas tree made from cans
You could let someone else recycle all your cans, or you could turn them into a Christmas tree!

Employee services 3

Snow flake chandelier
Don’t just make snowflakes. Make a snowflake chandelier!


Snowman door
Every time you leave employee services, you get to pass through this snowman.

Which theme did you like the best? Tell us in the comments! Be sure to check out the results of some of our other Christmas festivities this year.

Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson