Calling All Youth Leaders, Mentors, and Disciple-Makers

Awana’s Vantage Conference is a major growth opportunity for anyone involved with youth or children’s ministry. If you can’t make it to Awana’s headquarters in Illinois on April 22, you can still watch it live or on demand with us.
Follow Vantage Conference on Faithlife for a free leadership development experience—read half of Relational Children’s Ministry: Turning Kid-Influencers Into Lifelong Disciple-Makers by Dan Lovaglia—Awana’s director of leadership development.
This brand-new book gives you practical, time-tested tools and tips for discipleship, and it’s specifically catered to those in youth ministry.

Awana is using Faithlife to help leaders prepare for the Vantage Conference, but even if you aren’t going (or watching livethey want you to be part of the conversation, and they’re giving you free access to the book.
As someone who cares about kids and has experience working with them, you have valuable insight to share with others. This group is a place for leaders to gather, share, learn, and grow together.
Invite your ministry team to follow along with you, and discover why relational children’s ministry is a game-changer. Your relationship to the kids you lead makes everything else matter more. Dan Lovaglia helps you explore how Jesus developed relationships with his own disciples, and how his methods directly apply to your situation today. Draw from the experience of others, highlight key passages and share Community Notes with the group, and chat with author Dan Lovaglia as you read along.
Follow Vantage Conference on Faithlife to join the conversation and read half of Relational Children’s Ministry for free! 
Our guided reading plan will begin on April 7, and your access lasts through May 6.

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Ryan Nelson
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Written by Ryan Nelson