Make Faithlife Yours

With Faithlife’s new customizable sidebars, your profile has never been more personal. You can add your daily reading schedule, your Community Notes, your favorite blog’s RSS feed, and more to your sidebar, both for your personal profile and for your group pages.

Add the Widgets You Want

Adding widgets to your Faithlife page or your group’s page is simple. To add them to your personal profile, click your name at the top left of the page, and then navigate to “Edit profile” on the right. To update a group’s settings, click the group in the left sidebar, and then select “Group settings” on the right. In the “Account Settings” or “Group Settings” page—depending on if you’re updating your personal profile or a group’s—click the far-right-hand tab labeled “Sidebar.” Drag and drop the widgets you want from the left to the right. Rearrange them however you want them displayed, and see a preview to the far right.

Customize your Pages

Add Multiple

Faithlife offers some very useful widgets. Community Notes let group members add in-text notes that everyone can see—insights into passages, questions about tough verses, inspirational quotes, and more. The Verse of the Day pulls a hand-selected, applicable daily verse from You can also display Twitter handles, RSS feeds, and more.

My Faithlife

These terrific features are built right into the Faithlife Study Bible app, too. You can add Community Notes, tweet a passage, and stay up to date on your readings. You can even access your full Faithlife account—just expand the “My Faithlife” window on the app home screen.

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