The Problem with Sermon Recording—and Proclaim’s New Solution

sermon audio

Most churches record sermons and make them available online. However, the current process of recording and publishing sermons requires extra software, sometimes extra computers or equipment, and certainly extra hours. Stop creating more work for your staff The process of recording and publishing sermons is clunky and time-consuming. Someone has to start and stop the […]

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Why Your Worship Team Should Use Faithlife Groups


Your church’s weekend services have a lot of moving parts. You need notes for the sermons, lyrics for every song, greetings, transitions, and more. You can only reach part of your team with email, and the rest have to be updated via social media. On top of all this, you have meetings, practices, and more. […]

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Faithlife and the FSB at the Defined by God Conference 2012

Defined by God Conference

Faithlife and the Faithlife Study Bible complement each other. Whether through group reading plans, Community Notes, or shared passages, both work toward the same end: more and better Bible study together. We were recently at the Defined by God Conference in San Diego, CA, where we used the FSB and the Faithlife community to connect pastors’ […]

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