Faithlife Groups Unlock the Collaborative Potential of Logos

iphone-unlockLogos Bible Software helps you do deeper Bible study and get more out of your time in the Word.

Faithlife Groups help you stay spiritually connected to your church, small groups, and ministry.

Combine them, and you have a powerful recipe for deeper fellowship.

If you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or small group member using Logos Bible Software, Faithlife Groups help you share what you’re learning with your Christian community.

Logos Bible Software has 15 different document types to help you get more from your Bible study. Each has its own unique features and functionality.

Recently, Logos helped you master the 15 document types in a two part series.

Here are a couple ways Faithlife Groups help you use these diverse documents

Provide a guided study

Say you’re part of a church or ministry that includes teams of leaders and small groups. Each group likely communicates, organizes, and meets together independently of the larger ministry or church, but still remains connected to the main group and actively participates in large group gatherings.

This basic ministry structure can apply to both local churches and to regional or even national levels of any Christian organization. Faithlife Groups allow you to replicate that basic structure when you communicate with your Christian community online.

Thousands of churches already have Faithlife Groups. Within the groups tab, every small group or ministry team can stay connected to the church, while still operating independently.

Share curriculum

If your church or ministry is studying a book together, reading it in Logos lets you create a reading plan you can share with your whole Faithlife Group.

Say you want to prepare for Easter together, so you decide to read 40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers. Here’s an example of what your reading plan might look like:


(Click to enlarge)

Or maybe your church or ministry doesn’t read books together. If your group study is isolated to Scripture, you still have a lot to gain from using Logos and Faithlife Groups together.

Within Logos, you can create passage lists that you can share with your entire church, using a Faithlife Group.

Say you’re exploring what Scripture has to say about “wisdom.” Logos lets you pinpoint every passage mentioning wisdom. You can also toggle “memorize” to practice memorizing the verses you’re studying together. When you save this search as a passage list, you can share it right to the documents tab of your Faithlife Group.

Take a look:


(Click to enlarge)

Maximize sermon value

There are lots of ways that Logos helps with your sermon prep.

But when you’re done with a sermon, what does your church do with it?

Maybe you filmed it, so your church adds it to a video archive. But that’s more useful to people who haven’t seen it.

Your church’s Faithlife Group is a completely appropriate place to share your sermons in document form. And perhaps, more importantly, when you prepare your sermons using Logos, you can instantly create and share a professional bibliography.

As a pastor or speaker, you should always be prepared to tell people where your insights come from, and when you prepare your sermons with Logos, creating a bibliography is easy:


(Click to enlarge)

When someone asks you where you got that quote from John MacArthur, your bibliography can point them to the exact book and page it came from. If they own Logos and the resource in question, they can even create notes and comments on the quote, which can be shared directly to the group.

Try all 15 document types

To see examples of all 15 document types available in Logos and your Faithlife Group, join the Logos Sample Documents group.

Each document has a specific purpose. To get the most of these documents, you’ll need Logos Bible Software, but many of these documents will still have value to your congregation or ministry team regardless of whether or not they own Logos.

Perhaps the best example of this is the prayer list. Prayer lists are created within Logos, but once you share them with your Faithlife Group, anyone can access and interact with them.

Try out the 15 document types, and see how your church or ministry can put them to use!

How does your church share, learn, and grow together? Tell us in the comments!

Faithlife Corporation Competes at Bellingham Traverse

On Saturday I joined a group of Faithlife employees set out to repeat last year’s victory in the Bellingham Traverse, a multi-sport relay race.

Competing as Logos Bible Software a year ago, our 3:17:00 time was good enough for 1st place in the corporate division. So we entered this year with high hopes.


Not many people know, I ran last year with a diamond ring in my pocket.

My portion of the race—a 3 mile scamper through the trails south of town—started just a few blocks from the jeweler who was designing an engagement ring for me to give to my then girlfriend (now wife). I jogged over during my warm-up in an effort to surprise her, bought the ring, and ran with it through the race course. I’m still not sure if that helped or hurt our time.

This year we had a beautiful September day for racing with enough wind on the bay to convince the race official to shorten the paddle portion of the race by a mile. We improved on last year’s winning time by 4 minutes. But the field was much more competitive, and our 3:13:00 made us the fourth corporate team to cross the finish line.


Isn’t our team shirt this year particularly nice? The technical fabric performed great, and we got lots of compliments as we walked around town. So many in fact, we thought that you might like to have one too. It is the first piece of apparel we’ve created since Logos became Faithlife, and we went all out—technical fabric, athletic cut, and variations for men and women. This is an awesome shirt.

You can pre-order the Faithlife Multi-Sport Athletic Shirt with free shipping right now on, and you don’t even have to run a race to get it.

Get the Biblical Education You’ve Always Dreamed Of

A lot of pastors, ministry leaders, and Christians want more biblical education. But as your family grows and your life gets busier, Bible college begins to feel out of reach.

That’s where Logos Bible Software’s Mobile Ed comes in.

Mobile Ed is changing the way people think about biblical education.

Sean Taylor has been a youth pastor for over a decade. See how he balances full-time ministry, a family of six, and the pursuit of biblical education:

Taylor says, “I went to college and got a degree in speech communication. I have wanted to pursue a master’s ever since leaving, but as my ministry grows, my family grows, and my time seems more divided, it just seems more of a pipe-dream than a reality.”

For a lot of ministry leaders, this is where the story ends: there’s no time.

You have to find the right balance between using the potential you already have as a leader, and maximizing your potential with spiritual growth.

For Sean, his desire for spiritual growth was sparked by tough questions he didn’t have the tools to answer.

“Logos Mobile Ed has really given me an opportunity to further my education, to deepen my understanding of God’s Word, in the convenience of my own home and in my own time frame.”

Mobile Ed offers a growing pool of over 70 professors to learn from, including renowned Bible scholars like Douglas Moo, Tremper Longman, and Darrell Bock.

Check out Mobile Ed’s courses today, and find the biblical education that fits your life.

Hot Deals This July!


July is here! Even more, new monthly deals are here! This month we have over 180 resources on sale, designed to connect you with the Word. Check out all the deals!

Here are a few of the hottest savings July has to offer:

Institutes of the Christian Religion

On sale for 21% off!

John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion is a monumental work that stands among the greatest works of Christian theology and Western literature. Written as an introduction to Christian doctrine, Calvin’s Institutes quickly became one of the best systematic theologies of the Reformed tradition.

The Logos edition of the Institutes of the Christian Religion (2 vols.) contains extensive tagging and linking. All Scripture references display the verse on mouse-over, and each reference is linked to the original language texts and English Bible translations in your library. With Logos, you can also perform advanced searches—searching Calvin’s tracts and treatises by passage or topic. That makes the Logos edition of the Institutes of the Christian Religion (2 vols.) ideal for students, pastors, theologians, and Calvin scholars.

A.W. Tozer Collection

On sale for 48% off!

This collection consists of fifty-seven books written by Tozer or compiled from his sermons. Many of the books were compiled by his close friend, Harry Verploegh, by Gerald B. Smith, James L. Snyder, Ron Eggert, Warren Wiersbe and others. In all, this astounding collection contains approximately 11,000 pages filled with the inspirational, Christ-centered words only Tozer could pen.

Topical Analysis of the Bible

On sale for 33% off!

In this handy biblical reference tool, analytical outlines to 35,000 Scripture references touch on thirteen major doctrines of Scripture: God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, God’s works and providence, revelation and Scripture, supernatural beings, human beings, sin, salvation, sanctification, Christian living, the church, and the last things. Those setting out to preach or teach a certain doctrine will find this book an invaluable resource.

The Life Application Bible Commentary

On sale for 23% off!

The Life Application Bible Commentary series is ideal for personal Bible study, small groups, classes, and sermon preparation. Written by the team that designed and produced the Life Application Bible, this commentary series is exegetically accurate, theologically sound, and intensely practical. The Life Application Bible Commentary series helps students of the Bible understand the text and apply it to their lives.

Each volume features an interesting introduction, extensive commentary, and a helpful reference section. And it’s easy to use: throughout the book you will find maps, charts, classic quotations from Christian thinkers, illustrations, and extensive application notes. This edition allows you to link the commentary to any Bible in your Logos Bible Software.

* * *

Again, these deals just scratch the surface of what July has to offer! Don’t miss an opportunity to save—check out all of this month’s hottest deals!

If You Don’t Have Logos 5, Now’s the Perfect Time to Get It


If you’ve never purchased a Logos Bible Software base package before, now’s the perfect time: right now, you can take 15% off a new Logos 5 base package!

Choose your library today, and use coupon code GETLOGOSNOW to save 15%.

More than just books

Logos 5 gives you the smartest theological library on the planet. You can search Logos books by English, Greek, and Hebrew words, and find your place in seconds. Every Scripture reference links to your preferred Bible, dates link to timelines, and you can read your books anywhere: Mac, PC, and mobile devices.

Print-edition citations and references—meant to bring context and perspective—can actually make reading and learning more difficult. Do you go find the cross-referenced book and scan your sticky notes? Do you ignore the reference and keep reading? With Logos, you can jump right into the source by hovering over a Scripture reference or citation.

That’s why Professor George Lyons says, “The library of the future is available now.”

See how Logos 5 can take your Bible study to the next level:

Whether you read the Bible for hours a day or hours a month, there’s a Logos 5 base package that’ll help you get the most out of the time you put into the Word. Starter gives you almost 200 Bible study resources—enough to get your feet wet and experience the power of Logos’ tools. Portfolio gives you over 2,500 resources: you’ll get the most bang for your buck, as well as an unparalleled library built for better Bible study.

Whichever package you choose, Starter through Portfolio, you’re getting your resources for a fraction of the cost of buying books in print—less than one-tenth the cost, in fact.

Choose your new base package today, and use coupon code GETLOGOSNOW to take 15% off!

You’re Never Too Busy to Learn


I have noticed something about most people around me. If I ask my friends, coworkers, or family members, “How’s life?” they inevitably answer, “Busy!” I am no exception. Working a full-time job, raising a family, and serving in local church ministry all take their toll. With everything going on, it’s a struggle to continue to learn and grow in understanding the Bible. But if the Word of God is the ultimate rule for faith and practice, how do we make sure we’re letting it inform everything we do?

If you’re like me—longing to learn more but struggling to find the time—there’s an answer: Logos Mobile Education.

Education that fits

Mobile Ed is a new way to learn, developed for you exclusively by Logos Bible Software. It’s a mobile learning experience, with personal video lessons from world-class teachers and super-powered transcripts, so you can follow along, highlight your favorite portions, and search through the lessons at any time to find what you need. Mobile Ed also interfaces beautifully with Faithlife, as Community Notes and Faithlife groups give you the perfect platform to go through a Mobile Ed course with your spouse, your small group, or your entire church.

Moo Screenshot for Faithlife Blog

These video lessons are broken up into bite-sized teaching segments. Instead of watching hours of lectures at a time, you can watch a cohesive, logical chunk, or as many as you like. You can grab your phone, tablet, or computer, and dive into a biblical and practical lesson, whether you only have five minutes on the bus or an hour while the kids take a nap. Mobile Ed goes with you, where you are, and fits into your lifestyle.

Learn from the experts

We are filming courses from the leading experts and teachers on many topics, including biblical counseling, practical theology, biblical interpretation, and so much more. If you want to better understand or teach the book of Romans, you can learn with Dr. Douglas Moo as he takes you through the book’s intricacies. If you desire to be a better mentor, friend, or counselor, don’t miss the three-course Elyse Fitzpatrick Bundle comprised of Gospel-Centered Counseling, Our Identity in Christ, and Idolatry and the Power of the Cross.

Check out Fitzpatrick’s introduction to her course, Idolatry and the Power of the Cross:

Learn more about Mobile Ed, or browse all available courses at

How to Choose a Daily Devotional

daily-devotionalFew Bible study tools so effectively prick the conscience, focus the attention, and calm the spirit as a well-crafted daily devotional.

A devotional is not designed to change your mind; it’s meant to change your heart.

There are thousands of devotional tools to choose from. How do you know which one’s right for you?

Here’s our guide to help you choose one that best meets your needs.

Topic—Many devotionals are framed up around a particular subject. One of my favorites, Whiter than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy, is structured this way. If you’re hoping to learn more about a particular element of theology or scriptural theme—like the Hebrew names of God, for example—look for a devotional on that subject for a more casual exploration.

Author—Almost all of the modern church’s most influential thinkers wrote at least some devotional material. Charles Spurgeon, A. W. Tozer, William Wilberforce, and Oswald Chambers come to mind right away. But don’t avoid a devotional just because you don’t recognize the author. Some of the best ever written, like Streams in the Desert, were penned by women or men who ministered faithfully without much notoriety. If you’re new to the world of devotionals, start with something by A. W. Tozer. He wrote broadly as the editor of The Alliance Life magazine. Much of his writing has been repackaged as daily devotionals.

Ratings & reviews—When choosing a devotional, nothing beats a good referral. As you browse, check the ratings and reviews on each resource to see how much it has been enjoyed by others. Once you’ve completed a devotional, return to leave your own thoughts as a guide for others who come behind you.

Length—Look for cues about the passage length in the product overview, or by using the “See inside” tool on Also make note of how many passages are included. When read daily, some devotions are intended to stretch across and entire year, others for a month or even less.

Journal space—Many printed devotionals include space to write your own thoughts. This is helpful, but when you buy a daily devotional on to be read with your Faithlife Study Bible, you can use the notes tool to capture your own insights on any passage without running out of space.

If you’d rather not shop around, pick up the recently updated Devotionals Bundle, which includes all of the best devotionals available on

What else do you look for when you’re choosing a daily devotional? Tell us in the comments.

D. L. Moody on Prayer

Our prayers often resemble the mischievous tricks of town children, who knock at their neighbor’s houses and then run away; we often knock at Heaven’s door and then run off into the spirit of the world; instead of waiting for entrance and answer, we act as if we were afraid of having our prayers answered.


This passage is from Thoughts for the Quiet Hour, a fantastic daily devotional compiled by D. L. Moody. It’s available at—buy it today, and you can enjoy more great insights like this each morning.

The Faithlife Study Bible makes daily devotions more convenient than ever before. Through this one free app, you can read Scripture, access helpful study notes and multimedia, and let the greatest theologians and Bible teachers in the world guide your study with add-on resources from If daily time in God’s Word is one of your New Year’s resolutions, the Faithlife Study Bible is the perfect tool for you.

Making New Year’s Resolutions that Stick


It’s resolution-making season. Whether you’re resolving to do the same things you did a year ago or starting over with a new list of goals, we’ve got some tips to help you make resolutions that stick in the new year.

Imagine a future that excites you

The thought of your life after having accomplished your goals ought to all but terrify you. Many resolutions are abandoned each year because they do not lead to a future exciting enough to inspire perseverance. Imagine in vivid detail how keeping this resolution will change your life. How much more energy would you have if you lost the weight? What would you be able to do if you learned that language? What would your life be like if you accomplished that goal?

Better still, write out that description in a list or an essay and use it to motivate yourself. Nobody ever stuck to a resolution that didn’t excite them in the first place, and many people abandon exciting resolutions because they forgot why they were exciting. Don’t let that happen to you!

Take action right now

Exciting resolutions are often also big, frightening resolutions. It can be daunting to imagine your life as you’d like it to be, especially if you cannot see a clear path forward from where you are. Don’t let a huge goal discourage you. Chart the path that you know, and as you take your first steps, the rest of the course will become visible. Spend less time preparing, less time waiting on the circumstances to be exactly right, and more time doing.

A few years ago, my mom challenged me to run a half marathon with her. I didn’t know the first thing about running, except that it was marginally faster than walking. I knew I probably needed special shoes of some kind, and I would maybe have to alter my diet a little. I didn’t know all the challenges that I would face along the way, but I knew the first step was to get off my couch and get outside. I did that, and very quickly it became clear what I would need to do and not do. I could’ve spent hours reading tips for first-time runners, but reading about how to reach my goal wouldn’t have gotten me any closer to reaching my goal. I learned everything that I would need to know about running from running, not reading about running. Take action, and let experience be your teacher.

Get advice & accountability

Experience can teach you many things, but collect wise council to fill in the gaps and save yourself some hard-learned lessons. There is safety in a multitude of counselors (Proverbs 11:14).

A companion can help you to endure hardship that you would not have survived alone (Ecclesiastes 4:9–10). It has been said that accountability is the antidote for human nature. (Click to tweet) When you feel like abandoning a well-forged resolution, an accountability partner points your attention back toward the exciting future that you imagined for yourself. Much more than just a confronter, an accountability partner can stoke the fire of hope when you abandon it. While it might feel cheesy or humbling to ask for accountability, it may be the only thing between another failed resolution and an accomplished one.

What are you resolving to do in 2014? Tell us in comments.

* * *

Faithlife Study Bible combines a modern English translation, three layers of detailed study notes, and rich multimedia to bring the Scriptures to life in a whole new way. Download it for free from your favorite app store.

3 Reasons to Buy Logos this Christmas


The free Faithlife Study Bible is a powerful tool designed to launch you into the world of technology-powered Bible study. A modern English translation, three layers of study notes, and rich multimedia provide insights that no paper-bound study tools ever could. The FSB is a great place to start, but if you’re want more in-depth study of God’s Word, you need Logos 5. Christmas is the perfect time to buy Logos. Here are three reasons why:

15% off base packages

These packages include thousands of books, bundled for huge savings. Choose the package that best fits your study needs, and when you use the coupon code L5CHRISTMAS, you’ll save an extra 15%!

50% off book bundles

Tailor your library to your specific interests by adding bundles. Plan to preach through Philippians? Add a Pauline Studies Bundle and a Preaching Bundle. Do you mentor young men and women in your church? Add a Counseling Bundle or a Marriage and Family Bundle. Can’t choose? Add the Master Bundle for the best value. All our bundles have recently been updated with new resources, and you can save 50% when you buy them this Christmas.

Great stocking stuffers

Key single volumes or smaller collections like the Lexham High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition (3 vols.) have also been discounted through the Christmas season. Use coupon code STOCKINGSTUFFERS to save on study resources across

If you want Logos 5 but have been waiting for the right time to buy, it has officially arrived. Act soon, and you’ll save big on the Bible study library you’ve always dreamed about.

Visit to browse everything we have on sale throughout the holidays. While you’re there, enter to win a one-of-a-kind MacBook Air that sports the Logos emblem. But you’d better act fast! These deals are only available through January 6.