Share Your Logos Media with Your Entire Church

Romans timeline

Inside every Logos 6 base package, you’ll find unique media designed to help you explore the biblical world. If your church has Proclaim Church Presentation Software, you can share some of your exclusive Logos media with your church. And only one person has to have Logos for your entire team to use this exclusive media in Proclaim.

Here are a few examples of the types of media your entire church can take advantage of when you connect your Logos account to your church’s Proclaim group:

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Free Online Bible Study Course

free Bible study course

Serious Bible study is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you read the Bible every day or you’re opening it for the first time, the right tools can help you see the Bible in powerful new ways—without taking hours of your time.

That’s why we created a free, 30 day course to help you start doing better Bible study.

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Enter to Win an iPad mini and Logos 6 Gold!

enter to win an iPad Mini
Through November 19, enter to win an iPad mini, Logos 6 Gold, and five books from John and Lisa Bevere!

John Bevere and Lisa are the founders of Messenger International, an organization established to help individuals, families, churches, and nations realize and experience the transforming power of God’s Word. A minister and best-selling author, John delivers messages of uncompromising truth with boldness and passion. In John’s latest book, Good or God, John invites readers to engage with God on a new level:

“These days the terms good and God seem synonymous. We believe what’s generally accepted as good must be in line with God’s will. Generosity, humility, justice―good. Selfishness, arrogance, cruelty―evil. The distinction seems pretty straightforward. But is that all there is to it? If good is so obvious, why does the Bible say that we need discernment to recognize it? Good or God? isn’t another self-help message. This book will do more than ask you to change your behavior. It will empower you to engage with God on a level that will change every aspect of your life.” —John Bevere

August 2–January 22, they’re on tour spreading this message across the country. Check out their tour stops today!

To commemorate John Bevere’s new book and tour, we’re giving away an iPad mini, Logos 6 Gold, and five of John’s books, including:

Read all these books using the free Vyrso app for iOS and Android, include them in your Bible study while using Logos 6 on your new iPad mini, or read online at

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Win an iPad mini, Logos 6 Gold, and 5 books!

Cross Over to Logos 6 with Feature Crossgrade

Logos 6 Feature CrossgradeBridges help humanity cross impassable valleys, unfordable rivers, and insurmountable mountains. They are landmarks of architecture, inspiration, ingenuity, and beauty. Humanity has been perfecting them for centuries and we continue to find new ways to innovate their function to enable faster, safer, and better transportation.

The history of the bridge began as early as 1500 BC with timber carved with ancient tools, placed across small rivers. They were capable of holding only a couple hundred pounds.

Knowledge changes everything

As we grew in our knowledge of architecture, so did our ability to build bridges. By the first century the Romans discovered the strength of building arches out of stone and fashioning aqueducts which allowed them to irrigate crops, increasing yield and profit; construct the first sewage system, clearing bacteria and disease away from town; and supply their ever-growing population with fresh water from miles away.

Over the next few centuries bridges became a staple for communication, health, prosperity, and power. They were essential to sustaining life in urban cities and the rural country side. Still today they remain an integral part of transportation.

Take your Bible study in a new direction

Innovation is one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed upon his creation. That innovation is alive and well at Faithlife. For 20 years we’ve been creating, designing, and engineering, the best Bible study tool the world’s ever seen. In October of last year, we launched the most advanced tool we’ve ever created.

Just as bridges have become essential to daily life and enhanced our ability to communicate, sustain health, and move from place to place quickly, Logos 6 is your bridge to delving deeper into God’s word, helping you to sustain your spiritual health, and saving you precious time.

Since Logos 6 launched in October, you may not have got the chance to explore all that it has to offer and seen how essential it is to serious Bible study. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Logos 6, now is the time. If you already own a Logos base package, you’ll get Dynamic Pricing, plus an additional 15% off when you upgrade to Logos 6.

Pay for new features, not new books

Want in on a little secret? A gold base package is not the only way to get all the features available. In fact, dare I say it? Logos 6 Gold may be the wrong fit for your Bible study needs. Maybe you’ve got a well-rounded library, and you don’t need more books (though we’d probably disagree). You just want the features. We understand. So we created a bridge.

Bridge the gap to Logos 6

Now you can get all of Logos 6’s features at a fraction of the price with the Feature Crossgrade. You won’t pay for more books, but you’ll get all the datasets, media, features, and Interactives that Logos 6 has to offer. Plus, since you already own a previous Logos base package, you’ll get 15% off and an additional discount for the tools you already own.

Keep your tools up-to-date

Looking to stay on top of the latest Bible study developments? Subscribe to Logos Now. It’s a low-cost monthly (or annual) subscription that gives you early access to new features, tools, and datasets that won’t be available to everyone else until the next software release.

Get new Logos features as we create them with Logos Now. Save 10% on an annual subscription to Logos Now when you combine it with the Feature Crossgrade.

Check out what Logos 6 can do and see your custom price today!

Get Your Gifts before February 2

Logos 6 is here to stay, but after February 2, our special introductory gifts are going away.

Right now, if you get Logos 6, you’re eligible for up to $900 worth of free gifts—because something this big is worth celebrating.

Here’s how it works:

Spend: $500

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50promocodeIf you spend $500 or more when you add a new base package, we’ll send you a $50 promotional code to spend on a future order. We have over 45,000 titles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. You can use it to get a handful of prized books for free, or apply it toward a larger collection—it’s yours to use as you please. And in Logos, the more books you own, the more valuable every book in your library becomes.

Spend: $1,000

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bi100Spend $1,000 or more to unlock a brand-new Mobile Ed course—BI100 Learn to Study the Bible—taught by distinguished professor Dr. Darrell Bock. Dr. Bock will walk you through reading and studying Scripture, with an emphasis on using Logos 6’s powerful new tools to discover new insights. You’ll get video lessons and transcripts, along with more than a dozen Logos 6 training videos. With this course, you can start using Logos 6 and hit the ground running.

Learn how to study the Word with the world’s best Bible study tools from a renowned Bible teacher:

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promediaSpending $2,500 gets you a free two-year subscription to Pro Media—beautiful background slides for your quotes, references, and sermons. Pro Media contains media packs that help you create stress-free, pixel-perfect presentations. These packs work within Proclaim (if you don’t use Proclaim, you can try it free for 30 days), but one of these packs is specially designed for use with Logos. It gives you a wealth of new slides to use with Visual Copy, so you have even more ways to share visually appealing quotes right from your library.

Spend: $5,000

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mobilebundleWhen you spend $5,000 or more with your Logos 6 base-package purchase, you’ll get all of the other gifts, plus three Mobile Ed courses: ED101 Introducing Discipleship with Dr. Greg Ogden, PC151 Theology of Everyday Life with Dr. Daniel Doriani, and BI181 Introducing Bible Translations with Dr. Mark Strauss. These courses teach biblical foundations and provide practical methods for developing disciples. Learn both how to train others to live Christ-filled lives and how to teach other leaders to do the same.

Claim your gifts

To get these rewards, add a Logos 6 base package to your cart and grab everything else you want—bundles, additional base packages, etc. When your cart total hits $500, you’ll unlock your first gift. Spend $5,000 or more, and you’ll get them all. You’ll receive your rewards in an email within 45 days of your purchase. Right now with the 15% off discount on base packages and dynamic pricing, one of the best ways to get your gifts and fill your library is to grab multiple base packages. So if you want to take advantage of these great gifts, you could pick out a couple base packages with complementary resources.

Learn more about introductory offers, and get Logos 6 before these offers go away! These deals end Monday, February 2 at 11:59 p.m. (PST).

Enter to Win Logos 6 Collector’s Edition and a Macbook Pro

Logos 6 giveawayThis fall, we launched Logos 6We also released a brand-new base package: Collector’s Edition. It’s the biggest, most valuable base package we’ve ever made. It contains over $99,900 worth of Bible study resources. This Christmas, we’re giving one away for free.

But that’s not all.

What could be better than getting the world’s best Bible software and thousands of digital books for free? Getting a free, brand-new computer with it.

This year, we’re giving one lucky winner a Macbook Pro, preloaded with Logos 6 Collector’s edition. That’s a prize worth more than $10,000.

Collector’s Edition has more commentaries, original-language tools and resources, theology texts, journals, sermons, and collected works than any Logos base package we’ve ever made. There’s over 5,000 total resources. Nearly 14 million links to Bible passages. Over 1.5 million pages of content. And almost 23 million connections between your resources. That means no matter what you’re reading, there will always be a clear path to even deeper insights.

With Logos 6 Collector’s Edition, you get enough resources and connections between them to keep finding new insights for the rest of your life. And with the time you’ll save, you’ll have more life to enjoy.

Not a book person, you say? Great! Logos 6 is packed with interactive media to help you study the Word of God visually, and it’s powerful datasets make sure that every time you open a book, you get more out of it than you ever could in print. (Or, you could give it to your pastor!)

Enter now for your chance to win this exclusive prize pack! (See official rules here.)

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Learn more about Logos 6, and find out why pastors, ministry leaders, professors, and lay people can’t get enough of it.

The L6 Launch Party: A Fancy Evening of Food, Fun, and Friends

Nearly a month ago, Faithlife released Logos 6: the world’s most advanced Bible software.

Every Faithlife employee was tested the week Logos 6 launched—whether that meant serving customers, or each other.

After all the hard work that went into launching Logos 6, one thing was clear: we needed to celebrate. With more than 20 years of creating technology-based Bible study tools under our belt, Logos 6 was a giant leap forward.

How do we celebrate such a huge achievement?

We threw a party. Last weekend, we packed into Bellingham Technical College in Washington (a hop, a skip, and a jump from Canada), and stuffed it with as much food, entertainment, and people as it could handle. Our party planners included our executive assistant, Brittany Hackett (a former wedding planner) and Quintin Cooke (one of our professional designers), so we went big.

launch party
Everyone crowded around to watch a special video created in honor of the Logos 6 launch and the employees who made it happen.

Elizabeth Russell says, “there were circus-like performers walking around everywhere. There was a man juggling, and a gymnast-acrobat lady.” In honor of the Logos 6 launch, there was also a larger-than-life astronaut:

The Bellingham Circus Guild helped create a fun atmosphere and served as a constant reminder that this was a time to relax and enjoy themselves after months of serious work.

Tables were set up with pizza, cheese platters, Nanaimo bars, macaroons, perogies, fresh fruit, root beer floats, and tons of other dessert selections from Pure Bliss Desserts.

It was a mix of fancy and fun—we even used linens from Bellingham Wedding and Event Rentals to give the party that classy feel.

launch party food

A photobooth was set up by Oh Snap! Photobooth so everyone could take goofy photos with their friends, family, and coworkers:

photo booth
The partnerships and advertising team shows their goofy side.

While Faithlife employees mingled, The Upfront Theatre performed live improv-comedy.

The Upfront Theatre is a local comedy club in Bellingham, founded by famous improv-comedian Ryan Stiles.

For many, the highlight of the night was when CEO Bob Pritchett took time to recognize the people he called “the launch heroes.” Each of these people were recognized by their coworkers for going the extra mile, working long hours, and making huge contributions to this monumental project.

In a company of nearly 450 employees, public affirmation like that means a lot. Bob thanked 15 launch heroes who had been repeatedly nominated by their coworkers and said that after all of the nominations he received, there were about 60 people who he was going to personally thank for their efforts.

All in all, it was a fun-filled night with friends and family, honoring a landmark launch for Logos Bible Software.

Special thanks to Brittany Hackett and Quintin Cooke for planning, decorating, and setting up this fantastic evening, and to Laura Roberts, Grete Cass, and Matt Church for making BTC look spotless after.

Like us on Facebook to see the rest of our launch party photos, and see what life is like here at Faithlife!

Launch Day: Celebrating Logos 6, Success, and Each Other

Logos 6 has been more than 20 years in the making. Behind the curtain, October 27 was a day of celebration—of people, of technology, and of hard work.

Walking through the doors of Faithlife on Monday was unlike any other day since I’ve been here. Balloons filled corners, desks, stairwells, and more. There was even a giant balloon archway next to our receptionist and the famous Faithlife sign:

balloon archway

Every desk was adorned with Logos 6 goodies and launch day treats—including these sweet Logos 6 mugs full of candy and cupcakes that were about 40 percent frosting.

logos 6 shirt, mug, and cupcake
Photo courtesy of Ivan Leon.

Some parts of the Faithlife campus felt like walking through a campsite. In the Partnerships and Advertising team’s office, a projector was playing The Office in the background, and Nate Smoyer was cozied up in a blanket with his laptop. Down in DSGNHAVN, a hammock was stretched between two pillars—the perfect spot to take a quick nap before getting back in the action.

Some offices were empty, where just hours ago teams of people had been frantically working to make sure everything was ready for the big day.

For many, “launch day” began Sunday night and ran into the wee hours of the morning. There were web pages and servers to be tested and retested, links and messaging to be double checked and triple checked, and festivities to prepare.

Kyle, Anthony, and other developers moved into the marketing department in anticipation of launch.

Moments after I arrived, developers and marketers gathered around a single laptop, and the magic moment—the launch of Logos 6—was captured on a phone. Chris Dumond had the honor of pushing the button.

Shortly after the button was pushed and the sites were live, executive assistant Brittany Hackett caught the Bellingham sunrise peeking through her window, and a beautiful day of celebration began:

Photo courtesy of Brittany Hackett.

Blazers and blouses were replaced with Logos 6 launch T-shirts, and company wide, we rallied to bring out the best in each other throughout the day. From the beginning, we knew the launch would put a lot of stress on our customer service and sales people, so we assigned teams to care for and support them.

One of the people supporting the sales team was Annemarie VanBeek. Annemarie doesn’t even work in the same building as sales, but she was available to help. So what’d she do? She moved in.

Annemarie said, “At first I just had my laptop in here. Then I moved my monitors over, and eventually my whole desktop and everything.” She was in the middle of the action, ready to help out at a moment’s notice. Sometimes it meant acting as a go-between and making sure our sales people had the most up-to-date information about Logos 6. Other times it meant making sure everyone had the food and caffeine they needed to keep going.

“If we aren’t answering questions, we’re feeding them,” she said. “Sometimes, you’ll just hear a door open, and someone will run out and grab a bite to eat before they get back on the phone.”

Rumor has it that one salesman, John Groce, didn’t even put the phone down long enough to sneak out and grab a bite. He took calls for more than 12 hours straight and never left his office. That’s how much he enjoyed our customers and the excitement of Logos 6.

When I spoke to Annemarie, it was a little after 1:00 p.m. By that time, she’d made three separate trips to Woods Coffee with everyone’s drink orders. All this week, Faithlife has food trucks parked between our buildings (with free food for Faithlife employees!) so our support teams brought hot food right to the hungry mouths that asked for them.

Hot Mess food truck
Hot Mess: Philly Cheesesteaks & More was one of the many food trucks that set up shop on the Faithlife campus during launch week.

Those of us that had time hopped in line and enjoyed tasty BBQ, Philly cheesesteaks, gourmet pizza, burritos, and more!

Annemarie was just one of many employees who went above and beyond to serve those who were working with our customers. She was also one of many people to relocate their work station just for the launch.

Developers and marketers worked side by side to ensure that when pages needed to be built and new issues were discovered, they could be addressed as quickly as possible.

Erik was one of the developers that relocated for the launch. He said, “Recently, I’d been heavily involved with the marketing technology team and their code, so it made sense for me to sit with them. Everyone in marketing knew where to find me when they had questions. It was helpful to just turn around and talk instead of using instant messaging.”

One member of the marketing technology team told me Erik was like a launch-day superhero, working right alongside his team. Erik said, “I don’t normally work 25 hours in a 28-hour period . . . that was a first.”

Sounds like he could have really used the hammock downstairs.

Kaleb Cuevas said, “Monday was really different because there was so much anticipation and excitement, and we worked all night to make it possible.”

The most exciting moment for Kaleb was “the moment we heard cheers erupt when the site went live, and seeing the praise from customers that followed.”

kaleb Cuevas
Kaleb Cuevas was one of many people who stepped up to the plate for the Logos 6 launch.

Our customer service and sales teams were on the phones nonstop until midnight to keep things moving. The phone lines were loaded to maximum capacity—people were chomping at the bit to begin using and learning about Logos 6.

Don Everett and Kelly Ryan customer service
Don Everett and Kelly Ryan work with a customer.

When people are this passionate about a product, it’s contagious. And when our customers are excited, we are too. Monday, October 27 represented years of work, months of preparation, and hundreds of people who helped Logos 6 come together.

Join the celebration, and see what people are so excited about. Get Logos 6 today.

Logos 6 Is Here: The World’s Best Bible Software Just Got Better

640x186 (1)
We’ve just released Logos 6—the most powerful Bible software on the planet. Take your place at the forefront of biblical studies: get Logos 6 now.

More than 20 years ago, Logos Bible Software revolutionized the way people study the Word of God. Today, Logos has built on over two decades of technology-based Bible study to bring you Logos 6.

Bob Pritchett, CEO of Faithlife, says, “Logos 6 is all about delivering insight. Building on the innovations in Logos 4 and 5, the new release features new tools for exploring the Bible, connecting it to ancient and modern literature, and sharing your insights with others.”

To create Logos 6, we built tools that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Interconnected ancient literature

With Logos 6’s new Ancient Literature tool, you can unearth powerful connections between the Bible and ancient texts, so you get a clearer picture of the Bible’s background and historical impact on various cultures.

Pritchett says, “We’ve had scholars tag every cultural concept in the Bible, then extend that tagging to other ancient literature. This is a unique new database that helps you see connections that were nearly impossible to find before.”

Search any verse in the Passage Guide, and the Ancient Literature tool helps you see connections to the Talmud, Mishna, Judaic literature, Apostolic Fathers, Philo, and more.

This tool does all the heavy lifting for you—so you can do scholarly work, whether or not you have a degree.

Interactive Media

Logos 6 is packed with new ways to help you visualize the biblical world. Interactive infographics, one of our new lines of Interactive Media, are textbook illustrations come to life. Whether you’re studying on your own, or teaching a group, Logos 6 helps you conceptualize the armor of God, temples, altars, and more. Interactive Media combines scholarly descriptions of ancient concepts with visual representations to maximize your learning.

Smarter language tools

No matter your Greek and Hebrew background, brand-new Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Tutors will help you master the biblical languages. The Greek tutor lets you choose from three common pronunciations: Koine, Erasmian, and Modern Greek. Interactive Media helps you practice each letter and provides common lemmas associated with it.


Don’t know Greek or Hebrew? Now you can learn it!

These same tools that help scholars and students master the biblical languages can also help you get started. Learning to read and write Greek and Hebrew has never been easier. Start from the beginning, and learn how to read and write each letter with audio and interactive visual aides.

Insightful resources for Psalms and Proverbs

Logos 6 introduces the revolutionary Psalms Explorer and Proverbs Explorer—Interactive Media that helps you visually understand and sort the Psalms and Proverbs by genre, topic, theme, and more.

Take a look at the Psalms Explorer:


You can instantly sort and view the Psalms by form, structure, and more. The size of each Psalm in the browser corresponds to its size in the text. Genres are distinguished by color, so when you select an author like David, at a glance, you can see that a vast majority of the Psalms he wrote are laments. The Psalms Explorer helps you see connections and deliver insight in exciting new ways.

Logos 6’s new Interactive Media creates a Bible study experience unlike anything in existence.

Make Logos 6 yours

Right now, it’s easier than ever to get the base package that’s right for you. If you’re signed into your Faithlife account, we can even make a personal recommendation for you, based on the resources and tools you already own.

Get Logos 6 today, and revolutionize your Bible study.

* * *

If you got Logos 5 in the last 6 months, we’ve got a unique, limited-time-upgrade deal just for you. Call our sales team at 888-875-9491 to see what we’ve got for you.