Logos 6 Is Here: The World’s Best Bible Software Just Got Better


We’ve just released Logos 6—the most powerful Bible software on the planet. Take your place at the forefront of biblical studies: get Logos 6 now. More than 20 years ago, Logos Bible Software revolutionized the way people study the Word of God. Today, Logos has built on over two decades of technology-based Bible study to […]

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Last Chance: Share and Tweet Your Way to Logos Gold!


Share the most posts from Christian Discourse before September 16, and you’ll win a Logos 5 Gold base package. Four runners up will win the Lexham Bible Guides. You read correctly: share the most, and you will win. This isn’t some random drawing. If you share the most Christian Discourse posts using the guidelines below, […]

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If You Don’t Have Logos 5, Now’s the Perfect Time to Get It


If you’ve never purchased a Logos Bible Software base package before, now’s the perfect time: right now, you can take 15% off a new Logos 5 base package! Choose your library today, and use coupon code GETLOGOSNOW to save 15%. More than just books Logos 5 gives you the smartest theological library on the planet. […]

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Equip Yourself to Dive into the Bible


In the information age, it’s hard to spend as much time as you want in Scripture. You’re constantly bombarded with more information than you can handle, so you have to constantly prioritize and filter the things that matter and the things that don’t. And that’s what makes Bible study feel like a paradox. You know […]

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Using Faithlife and Bible.Faithlife.com in 2013

Getting Started

The New Year is right around the corner and many of us are getting ready to start our Faithlife groups and read through the Bible in a year. Faithlife works seamlessly across all the Logos platforms. So as you get ready to begin your reading plans, we wanted to help you get an excellent start […]

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