Why Your Church Should Be More Worried about Sending Than Seating

J.D. Grear quote

The January/February issue of Bible Study Magazine features J.D. Greear—pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. In college, Greear’s study of Romans 2 led him to a life-altering realization: “Paul talks about those who are not under the law still being held responsible for the law because God has given the law to them on their hearts. Suddenly my heart understood that there were a couple billion people out there who had never heard the name of Jesus but were still responsible under the law.”

This realization propelled him toward seminary, and years later, he’s a pastor of a big church with an even bigger emphasis on sending missionaries.

In Jessi Strong’s interview with Greear, he explained why sending capacity matters more than seating capacity:

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