3 Perspectives on Hell

heaven and hellWe’ve seen a lot of discussion and debate in recent years on the nature of heaven, hell, and what happens after we die. But these discussions are nothing new. The church has been debating eschatology (the study of last things) ever since the time of Christ, and the Jews before Christ were discussing the same.

Scripture provides many insights about the afterlife. But when theologians combine these insights into a coherent whole, they come to some very different conclusions about what the Bible teaches. The nature and duration of hell is one such example.

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Quote of the Week: Dwight L. Moody

DL Moody


If we really make people believe that God loves them, how we should find them crowding into the kingdom of heaven!
—Dwight L. Moody

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Regarded as one of the nineteenth century’s greatest evangelists, Dwight L. Moody fathered both Moody Bible Institute and the Sunday School movement. A prolific speaker and writer, his work is often cited to this day.

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