Free Book to Share with Your Community

Faithlife communityLast month, I wrote a blog post on group reading plans featuring Logos’ then–Free Book of the Month, The Christian Doctrine of Prayer. The post highlighted your ability to integrate any of your Logos resources into your Faithlife community through reading plans. While you can, of course, create your own reading plans for your group, we’ve already created a reading group around this month’s Free Book of the Month, John Darby’s Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: Genesis to 2 Chronicles. First, a little background on the book:

Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: Genesis to 2 ChroniclesSynopsis of the Books of the BIble: Gensis to 2 Chronicles

Darby’s Synopsis of the Books of the Bible is a five-volume series that explicates the Bible chapter by chapter. In the first of these volumes, Genesis to 2 Chronicles, Darby lays the groundwork for interpreting the Bible, exhibiting key tenets of dispensationalist thought. He covers important themes like creation, sin, and the relationship between good and evil. This volume shows that God’s kingdom in the Old Testament resembles not only the church in the present, but also God’s intentions for the future.

Reading Plans Made Easy

The reading group is called “Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: Genesis to 2 Chronicles,” and it’s open for anyone to join. It’s easy to keep up with the reading plan using the Group Readings widget. Read what other group members have to say about the text using Community Notes*. Dig deeper into your Bible study by sharing interpretations and ideas. And, now, read anywhere with the Faithlife Study Bible app, available free for your iOS or Android device through March 2014. Download your book, join the group, and read in community today!

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