Jon Micah Sumrall Talks about the Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible is free. Download your copy right now. Jon Micah Sumrall is the lead singer from Kutless. After years of working with youth, Jon noticed something. Young people aren’t getting into the Word. For people who struggle to get into the Word, Jon has a suggestion: The Faithlife Study Bible is packed […]

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A Brief History of the ESV

The English Standard Version Bible (ESV) is the revised and edited version of the Revised Standard Version, which many consider to be the twentieth century’s best translation. Led by Dr. Lane T. Dennis in the early 1990s, hundreds of people assisted in translating the ESV, with oversight from the National Council of Churches. The ESV combines […]

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A Media-Rich Study Bible


You already know about the Faithlife Study Bible’s expanding scholarship. We recently announced 58 new articles (more than 150,000 words) in the Lexham Bible Dictionary, which you can access through the Faithlife app—but did you know that the Faithlife Study Bible also includes a huge collection of media resources? Infographics, maps, photos, and video from the Holy Land […]

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Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Randy Alcorn

 The Faithlife Study Bible is filled with rich content from Christian leaders who help us navigate Scripture and answer questions about life and the Bible. In times of hardship, distress, and tragedy, people turn to the Bible to find answers and comfort. A common question that arises during such times is “Where is God?” Or […]

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Faithlife Study Bible Contributors: Dr. Timothy Keller

Tim Keller

The Faithlife Study Bible gives you a wealth of study tools and information: in addition to rich media, smart searches, and three layers of study notes, you’ll get the outstanding articles from leading pastors, theologians, scholars and teachers. The Faithlife Study Bible features dozens of articles from celebrated Christians, like Dr. Timothy Keller, New York […]

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Dig Deep into Your Favorite Translation with the FSB’s Study Notes!

The Holy Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible gives you so many options for better Bible study: three layers of study notes, a built-in Bible dictionary, 400 photos, videos, and infographics, Community Notes, group reading plans, and so much more. And now we’re giving away 2.5 million copies of the FSB—free for life!—so you and all of your friends […]

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