Jon Micah Sumrall Talks about the Faithlife Study Bible

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Jon Micah Sumrall is the lead singer from Kutless. After years of working with youth, Jon noticed something. Young people aren’t getting into the Word.

For people who struggle to get into the Word, Jon has a suggestion:

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A Brief History of the ESV

ESV-logoThe English Standard Version Bible (ESV) is the revised and edited version of the Revised Standard Version, which many consider to be the twentieth century’s best translation. Led by Dr. Lane T. Dennis in the early 1990s, hundreds of people assisted in translating the ESV, with oversight from the National Council of Churches.

The ESV combines the specific wording of the original text with current English grammar, syntax, and idiom, allowing you to more easily relate to the text while maintaining the fullest accuracy. Using a word-for-word translation approach instead of a thought-for-thought method, the ESV is an “essentially literal” translation that captures both the precise wording of the text and the personal style of each Bible writer (

The ESV retains several classic theological terms—including “sanctification,” “justification,” “redemption,” “regeneration,” “propitiation,” and “reconciliation”—that, due to their importance in Christian doctrine, cannot be eliminated without loss of meaning. The version includes section headings, called pericopes, which guide you toward important themes.

The ESV translators worked with a high degree of scholarly integrity, which resulted in as close to perfect work as anyone could expect.

We know that no Bible translation is perfect or final; but we also know that God uses imperfect and inadequate things to his honor and praise. So to our triune God and to his people we offer what we have done, with our prayers that it may prove useful, with gratitude for much help given, and with ongoing wonder that our God should ever have entrusted to us so momentous a task.

A number of today’s leading Christian authors and pastors recognize the excellence and clarity of the English Standard Version.

Join some of the most prominent Christian leaders in enriching your understanding of God’s Word: download the Faithlife Study Bible and receive a free copy of the ESV. Get it now!

A Media-Rich Study Bible

You already know about the Faithlife Study Bible’s expanding scholarship. We recently announced 58 new articles (more than 150,000 words) in the Lexham Bible Dictionary, which you can access through the Faithlife app—but did you know that the Faithlife Study Bible also includes a huge collection of media resources?

Infographics, maps, photos, and video from the Holy Land help you to visualize biblical settings and understand complex ideas. As you flip through your FSB in the popular two-pane layout, keep your eye out for small thumbnails like the one below—they indicate that there’s an infographic associated with the passage you’re reading.

 When you see them, don’t hesitate to tap. You’re sure to learn something new.

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Randy Alcorn The Faithlife Study Bible is filled with rich content from Christian leaders who help us navigate Scripture and answer questions about life and the Bible.

In times of hardship, distress, and tragedy, people turn to the Bible to find answers and comfort. A common question that arises during such times is “Where is God?” Or “Why did God allow that to happen?”

Randy Alcorn—New York Times bestselling author, founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, and former pastor—helps us tackle these questions in his article “Suffering and Sovereignty.” Alcorn takes us to Romans 8:28 to point to the sovereignty of God and his purposes:

“. . . for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

In his article, Alcorn discusses the story of Joseph. While Joseph’s brothers exercised their will to do harm to Joseph, God exercised his will to bring about good for Joseph, his family, and all of Egypt. God facilitated a good outcome out of Joseph’s brothers’ evil actions.

Read “Suffering and Sovereignty” to learn more about how God works all things together for good. Just get the Faithlife Study Bible free at

Know anyone who would benefit from the FSB and articles like “Suffering and Sovereignty”? Share the Faithlife Study Bible with them so they can get it free!

Faithlife Study Bible Contributors: Dr. Timothy Keller

Tim KellerThe Faithlife Study Bible gives you a wealth of study tools and information: in addition to rich media, smart searches, and three layers of study notes, you’ll get the outstanding articles from leading pastors, theologians, scholars and teachers.

The Faithlife Study Bible features dozens of articles from celebrated Christians, like Dr. Timothy Keller, New York Times bestselling author and senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Dr. Keller contributes his in-depth “Old Testament Law and the Charge of Inconsistency,” which explains the relationship of the New Testament to the Old Testament Law. You’ll get instant access to this article when you download the free FSB.*

“Old Testament Law and the Charge of Inconsistency” takes a look at common objections to Christianity based on perceived inconsistencies in the Old Testament Law. Have you ever heard objections to Christianity that stem from OT commands that are no longer practiced today?

Faithlife Study BIble

  • Avoiding raw meat, pork, or shellfish
  • Executing people for breaking the Sabbath
  • Not wearing clothes woven with two kinds of materials

Read Dr. Keller’s “Old Testament Law and the Charge of Inconsistency” by getting the Faithlife Study Bible free at After you’ve downloaded the app, share the giveaway page with all your friends!

*After you download the Faithlife Study Bible app, you can find Dr. Keller’s article in the news feed message “Content Update in the Faithlife Study Bible”.

Dig Deep into Your Favorite Translation with the FSB’s Study Notes!

The Faithlife Study Bible gives you so many options for better Bible study: three layers of study notes, a built-in Bible dictionary, 400 photos, videos, and infographics, Community Notes, group reading plans, and so much more. And now we’re giving away 2.5 million copies of the FSB—free for life!—so you and all of your friends can enjoy it.

Use the FSB’s notes with your favorite translation

The Holy BibleWe want to make Bible study as convenient as possible. To that end, we’ve made seven Bible translations available; you can integrate them right into your Faithlife Study Bible. We’ve even discounted a handful of the more popular translations:

To save on these translations, you’ll need to enter the coupon code Bibles at checkout. (If you click any of the links above, though, the coupon code drops into your cart automatically.) With many more translations to choose from, you’ll find the perfect Bible for your study needs.

Once you have your favorite Bible, setting it up as your default is easy!

1. Open your Faithlife Study Bible app and select the settings gear in the top right of your app. (Tapping your name on the title bar will work, too.)

Go to settings

2. Select Settings in the dropdown menu, and then hit Preferred Bible on the next page.

Go to preferred Bible

3. Tap your preferred Bible to make it your default.

Select your BIble


Browse the Bibles, pick your favorite, and start using it with your Faithlife Study Bible notes today!

*Note: although you purchase these Bibles through, you’ll use your Faithlife credentials to check out, and each Bible still integrates seamlessly into your Faithlife Study Bible.

Spend This Year in the Word

Only 15 days ago, we challenged you, and thousands of other Logos users, to spend this year in the Word. And now, 15 days into the new year, we’re absolutely blown away by the tremendous response from people who want to dig into the Word together!

We want to commend the hundreds of you who are tackling this challenge—by reading though the entire Bible, you’re making a commitment that will deepen your love for Christ.

Reading through Scripture with Faithlife and the FSB app gives you a unique chance to take your Bible study deeper. Here are two reasons why—
1. You’ll get support as you take a disciplined approach to Bible study:

  1. Following through with this type of commitment requires some tools and safeguards. Faithlife and the FSB app give you notifications and reminders to keep you on track. For example, you don’t need to get discouraged if you miss a day: you can use the FSB’s “catch up” feature to gradually get back on track.

2. You can invite your friends and family into the discussion with Community Notes:

  1. Throughout the Scriptures, we see a consistent theme of community. Acts 2:42 gives us an example of community being played out amid believers as they devote themselves to the apostles’ teaching. In the same way, Community Notes let your community of faith devote themselves to the Word. By reading together and sharing your thoughts, you can pick up on important aspects of the Word that others may have missed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create a group, invite those closest to you, and start digging into the Word!

Learn more about the Read the Bible in a Year resolution at

The Faithlife Study Bible—Now Free for Life!

Faithlife Study Bible

“If the Word of God nourishes the soul, trains the mind, and is used by the Spirit to transform our lives, then what a priority it should be for those of us who trust in Christ to devour the revealed word of God. Logos has removed every obstacle imaginable with the Faithlife Study Bible. The commentaries, videos, articles, maps, and graphs take you as deep as you want to go while being easy to navigate. The Faithlife Study Bible is a steroid shot in the arm of reading the Bible through in a year.”—Matt Chandler

We’re giving away 2.5 million copies of the Faithlife Study Bible! It’s available on your iPhoneiPadAndroid device, or Kindle Fire, or online at All you have to do is download the app on your mobile device and create your account. Once you have the FSB, share it with all your friends—dig deeper, together. To learn more, visit and share the page.


The Faithlife Study Bible is the world’s largest, most advanced study Bible. With three layers of study notes, over 400 photos, videos, and infographics, the ever-expanding Lexham Bible Dictionary, and much more, the FSB is the ideal tool for digging deeper into Scripture. Dozens of articles from pastors and scholars like Tim KellerRandy Alcorn, and N. T. Wright appear only in the FSB.

The Faithlife Study Bible integrates seamlessly with Faithlife, the Christian community wrapped around the Word. You can explore the Bible’s passages, create group reading plans, and share notes with your Faithlife groups. Take your community further into the Word with the Faithlife Study Bible.

Don’t wait any longer—get the Faithlife Study Bible free for life today!

Use Faithlife and the FSB in 2013

You can use the Faithlife Study Bible app to stick with your New Year’s resolution to dig into the Word. Stay connected to your community, and keep up with your reading plans and notes wherever you are!

Here’s how:

1. Log in to and choose the Faithlife group that you want to participate in. Make sure you’re “connected” to the group reading plan. By connecting on, you’ll sync your reading plan with the FSB app.

2. Open up the Faithlife Study Bible app to the home page. Under “Daily Readings,” press the reading plan you want to start.

You’ll be sent to the “read” view, with the biblical text on top and your commentary notes on the bottom. You’ll notice a “Start Reading” header directing you where to start your reading for the day.

3. As you scroll through the day’s reading, you may be directed to other Scripture references. The FSB links you to the next section—just click the reference.

  1. As you read, you can share thoughts and make Community Notes. Here’s a helpful video that explains how to create Community Notes in the FSB app.

4. Once you complete all your readings for the day, click the “Mark Read” link. This checks off the reading for the day. You’ll notice that when you get back to the home page, you’ll see the next day’s readings under “Daily Readings.”


1. As you read, you can customize your Bible study with highlights, emphasis markups, and inductive study tools.
2. With the FSB, you can dig deeper with Rich Media resources.

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution that will feed your soul. Create a Faithlife group, get the Faithlife Study Bible (free through March 2014) today, and dig into the Word!

Unlock over 2,000 links with the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary

Black FridayThis holiday season connect with your family and friends over more than just your turkey dinner. Grow closer to one another, and God, when you experience the power of studying the Bible together. Your Faithlife Study Bible works with several popular translations of the Bible, and is filled with rich media, three layers of study notes, and links to other Logos resources. With the right resources unlocked, these links can take you even deeper into your study, covering topics, themes, people, places, and more.

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Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary

  • Six volumes of text
  • Over 7,000,000 words
  • An unprecedented interfaith exploration of the Bible
  • Illustrations with easy-to-find references
  • And so much more

This amazing resource is 25% off its regular price during Logos’ Black Friday Sale! With so many innovative features and links throughout, it is the perfect addition to the Faithlife Study Bible.

So what are you waiting for? Start doing greater and better Bible study with the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary today! Use the coupon code BFRIDAY4 at checkout to redeem the discount. But hurry—this special discount only runs through December 3.