See the Cultural Context of Acts with a Free Book!

August Free Book of the Month

All through August, get a free commentary on the Book of Acts! The Book of Acts shows modern day Christians how the church took shape in the wake of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how the Holy Spirit changed everything. In your Bible, it’s the first book to follow the four gospels, and it’s a […]

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Get a Free Commentary on Isaiah

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All through April, you can get Isaiah by Brevard Childs for free! The book of Isaiah is central to understanding the Old Testament prophets and helps us appreciate other Major Prophets like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. It informs our view of sin in the Old Testament, and plays a major role in the New Testament […]

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Get a Free Book on Justification


“How we construe Paul’s claim that one is ‘justified by faith, not by works of the law’ depends, at least in part, on the question we think it addresses.” —Professor Stephen Westerholm What did Paul mean when he spoke about justification by faith, not the works of the law? That’s the question Stephen Westerholm explores […]

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Free Book to Share with Your Community

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Last month, I wrote a blog post on group reading plans featuring Logos’ then–Free Book of the Month, The Christian Doctrine of Prayer. The post highlighted your ability to integrate any of your Logos resources into your Faithlife community through reading plans. While you can, of course, create your own reading plans for your group, we’ve already […]

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