Bible Buying Guide Reviews Faithlife Study Bible


Awhile back, Randy Brown, creator of, shared how he chooses a Bible for preaching. Randy reviews Bibles in all price ranges to help people make the best choice for their budget. His mission is to promote Bible reading and study, and to share quality publishing. After spending a couple months with the Faithlife Study Bible, […]

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How to Create Community Notes


The Community Notes feature is a powerful Bible study tool that’s built into the Faithlife Study Bible, Logos Bible Software, and Faithlife Groups. They’re kind of like margin notes, only better. When you write Community Notes, you decide who gets to see them. You can post them directly to one of your Faithlife Groups, or […]

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Community Study Bible: A Collaborative Journey through Scripture


When you read your Bible, study notes and other resources help you get more out of the verses. After you have time to process Scripture and think about what it means for your life, you walk away with insight you didn’t have before. Imagine reading a Bible that was full of these insights from Christians […]

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5 Ways to Use Community Notes

bible margin notes

Margin notes are great, but Community Notes are better! Create a Faithlife Group, and start using Community Notes today. There are a lot of ways Faithlife Groups can improve your Bible study or small group. One of them is the revolutionary Bible study tool, Community Notes. When you reread your favorite passages of Scripture or […]

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26 Breathtaking Photos of Biblical Places


The events of the Bible happened in real places, with real people. Take a virtual journey across the biblical landscape, and see the cities where Jesus and the Apostles walked, lived, and changed the world. Logos Bible Software sent photographers all over the holy land, and they assembled 400 photos, videos, infographics, and maps of […]

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Labor Day Sale! 20 Bible Study Resources for 30% Off!

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For just two more days, you can save 30% on 20 Bible study resources. Learn more about Paul, Jesus, the New Testament, or take some time to focus on your Bible study. Check out all 20 deals! If you’ve downloaded your copy of the free Faithlife Study Bible, you already have a great start on deeper Bible study. But did you know the […]

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