Do You Use Discussion Questions in Christian Books?


If you read Christian books, it’s not uncommon to find yourself looking at a list of questions at the end of each chapter. These questions encourage you to interact with the material on a personal level, and help you process what you’re learning. Sometimes they’re designed for groups. Sometimes they’re just for you. What I […]

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Shortcuts for Every Faithmoji in Faithlife Groups: A–Z


Recently, we released the Faithlife Keyboard: a unique new way to share your faith in text messages. What you might not have known is that one component of the Faithlife Keyboard has actually already made its way to Faithlife Groups. You can now add Faithmojis to your Faithlife Groups conversations. To add a Faithmoji to […]

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Setting Up Faithlife Groups for Your Church

longview christian church

Daniel Ostendorff is an assistant professor of history and political science at LeTourneau University. He’s also a member of Longview Christian Church and a user of Faithlife Groups. Recently, Daniel shared how he uses Faithlife Groups in Faithlife Beta. The Faithlife Beta group let’s you see what’s coming up next for Faithlife Groups and interact directly […]

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How to Change Your Notification Settings


When you create a new Faithlife account and join a group, by default you’ll receive an email when someone posts to the group, sends you a message, starts a new discussion, and more. You can see a complete list of notifications when you edit your profile and go to the notifications tab. Next to each type of […]

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Why Your Worship Team Should Use Faithlife Groups


Your church’s weekend services have a lot of moving parts. You need notes for the sermons, lyrics for every song, greetings, transitions, and more. You can only reach part of your team with email, and the rest have to be updated via social media. On top of all this, you have meetings, practices, and more. […]

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Foster Healthy Online Communication in Your Family


A friend recently learned that a 10 year old girl that she’d been working with was “dating” a 17 year old boy who she’d met in a seemingly innocent online game. The girl’s grandma was shocked and embarrassed—she had assumed the game couldn’t expose her granddaughter to strangers. Whether we like it or not, kids communicate […]

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