Hot Deals This July!


July is here! Even more, new monthly deals are here! This month we have over 180 resources on sale, designed to connect you with the Word. Check out all the deals! Here are a few of the hottest savings July has to offer: Institutes of the Christian Religion On sale for 21% off! John Calvin’s Institutes […]

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3 Ways to Uncover Biblical Themes

The key to understanding a Scripture passage is often to first understand the larger theme of the book it’s in. Commentaries or study Bibles may point out major themes for you, but you can find them yourself if you know where to look. Here are three ways to find a biblical book’s theme: Read through […]

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Where Faith and Life Connect


Today’s interview is with Mark Prim, the Southeast Michigan Coalition for Men’s Discipleship area director for Man in the Mirror ministries. Prim helps pastors and leaders establish an intentional strategy to reach and disciple men. How does your family use Faithlife together? My two older sons started reading the Bible when they were six and […]

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The Creation Story (As Told by the FSB)


Creation begins with the separation of light and darkness. Interestingly, God creates light before he creates any sources of light. Some have speculated that God’s glory served as the initial source of light. The FSB study notes point out that the order of creation is consistent with the ancient perception of the universe. An article […]

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Help Others Discover the Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible app has been downloaded by more than a quarter million people. Every day, it helps thousands connect with God by unlocking the truths of Scripture with a modern English translation, layers of study notes, rich multimedia, and several included devotionals. We want even more people to fall in love with the […]

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The 9 Major Types of Bible Study Tools

Bible study tools come in all different shapes and sizes, but the most common resources usually fit into one of a few basic categories. They each have a specific purpose to aid your studies. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of different kinds of Bible study tools and what they can do for you, […]

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