Why Christian Families Need Better Bible Videos for Kids

Bible videos for kids

As you may have heard, Faithlife’s motion graphics designers are hard at work producing Bible videos for kids. The project has been dubbed Bible Sounds: Anthems for Little Theologians, and the team hopes to break the mold of Christian TV shows for kids.

How, you ask? By throwing away the idea that kids’ stories need to have morals.

If kids can only visualize the Bible in moral platitudes, it becomes little more than a big, boring book.

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5 Steps to Prepare Bible Studies for Children’s Ministries

Children’s ministry
Today’s guest post is by Pastor Sam Luce of Redeemer Church in Utica, New York. Sam has been a pastor for 17 years—14 of which he served as a children’s pastor. He received his BA in theology from Portland Bible College, and he’s been involved in children’s ministry for 23 years. Sam writes regularly about children’s ministry and Christian parenting at SamLuce.com.

“Bonhoeffer would often say that ‘if one couldn’t communicate the most profound ideas about God and the Bible to children, something was amiss.’”—Eric Metaxas

One of the most important and most neglected disciplines for children’s ministry work is personal study. Often when it comes to children’s ministry curriculum, the Bible story is either too complicated or too simplistic. The answer is not “buy a better curriculum.” The answer is personal bible study.

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