Free Online Bible Study Course

free Bible study course

Serious Bible study is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you read the Bible every day or you’re opening it for the first time, the right tools can help you see the Bible in powerful new ways—without taking hours of your time.

That’s why we created a free, 30 day course to help you start doing better Bible study.

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Use Faithlife and the FSB in 2013

You can use the Faithlife Study Bible app to stick with your New Year’s resolution to dig into the Word. Stay connected to your community, and keep up with your reading plans and notes wherever you are!

Here’s how:

1. Log in to and choose the Faithlife group that you want to participate in. Make sure you’re “connected” to the group reading plan. By connecting on, you’ll sync your reading plan with the FSB app.

2. Open up the Faithlife Study Bible app to the home page. Under “Daily Readings,” press the reading plan you want to start.

You’ll be sent to the “read” view, with the biblical text on top and your commentary notes on the bottom. You’ll notice a “Start Reading” header directing you where to start your reading for the day.

3. As you scroll through the day’s reading, you may be directed to other Scripture references. The FSB links you to the next section—just click the reference.

  1. As you read, you can share thoughts and make Community Notes. Here’s a helpful video that explains how to create Community Notes in the FSB app.

4. Once you complete all your readings for the day, click the “Mark Read” link. This checks off the reading for the day. You’ll notice that when you get back to the home page, you’ll see the next day’s readings under “Daily Readings.”


1. As you read, you can customize your Bible study with highlights, emphasis markups, and inductive study tools.
2. With the FSB, you can dig deeper with Rich Media resources.

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution that will feed your soul. Create a Faithlife group, get the Faithlife Study Bible (free through March 2014) today, and dig into the Word!