Get 15% Off a Reformed Library


Right now, you can take 15% off one of Logos Bible Software’s brand-new Reformed base packages. An entire library can be yours for less than a tenth the cost of buying the books in print. Level up your library For a lot of Christians, it’s easy to jump on board when a friend recommends the latest […]

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The New and Improved Faithlife Calendar

Faithlife calendar

We made some changes to the Faithlife calendar to make your life easier. Now, you can see and do everything you need right from the calendar tab. Your status now appears next to each event. This field reminds you if you are hosting, attending, or undecided about an event, and you can change your status […]

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Shane & Shane: Poised to Change Worship Ministry Forever


Shane Everett and Shane Barnard formed the duo Shane & Shane after meeting in College Station, Texas in the late 1990s. Since then, the pair has logged countless hours on the road, garnered multiple Dove Awards, enjoyed numerous A-list tour slots, and sold millions of tracks. Now husbands and fathers, the two men have set […]

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Love Faithlife? Write a Review.


The Faithlife Study Bible is all about community—Community Notes and reading plans are better when more people use them. That means that the more people find the FSB, the better it’ll be for you. And app stores like Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon give precedence to apps with positive reviews. So if you love the Faithlife Study […]

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Kick Off Summer with a Faithlife Reading Plan

Screenshot (17)

Get ready for your hectic summer schedule with a reading plan that keeps you organized. We have lots of predefined reading plans to choose from, and you can even build your own custom plans. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know: On Look for the pod labeled “Today’s Readings” and click […]

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There’s still time to join the 14 Days on Resurrection reading plan

Prepare for Easter in the Word Even though the reading plan has already started, you can still join. You’ll get a simple way to focus on Scripture regarding Jesus’ resurrection; you can finish after Easter at your own pace. The reading plan follows the story of Christ’s resurrection through 14 days of guided scripture. Reading […]

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