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Right now, you can take 15% off one of Logos Bible Software’s brand-new Reformed base packages. An entire library can be yours for less than a tenth the cost of buying the books in print.

Level up your library

For a lot of Christians, it’s easy to jump on board when a friend recommends the latest Francis Chan or Timothy Keller book. When a friend tells you to get a Logos base package, if you don’t know what makes a base package different, it can feel like they’re telling you to get a high-end sports car–and you already have a car that gets you around just fine. If you read regularly, chances are you already have a bookshelf and at least a small collection of theological works to supplement your Bible studies. But after you read those books for the first time, do you pick them up again, or do they just sit on the shelf?

Recently, Logos launched a line of brand-new Reformed base packages, and there has never been a better time to convert your library into a digital powerhouse. Logos libraries don’t collect dust on a shelf. They don’t fill up your tablet or mobile device with more things for you to scroll through. With Logos, your books go to work for you—and they don’t stop being useful after you read them. Logos combines the collective wisdom of every book you own, making them instantly searchable, so you can get answers when you need them, study deeper when you want to, and get more out of your books. And with a base package, you get hundreds of interconnected resources.

Do more with your books

When you stumble across a powerful quote about the crucifixion, not only can you instantly share that quote with your Bible study through Faithlife groups, but you can also take that moment of awe and inspiration to instantly search across hundreds of books and find what some of Christianity’s greatest theologians, scholars, preachers, and authors have said about the historical and cultural context, the significance of Jesus’ suffering, or the parallels between the crucifixion and prophetic passages, like the suffering servant in Isaiah 53:4–12.

With a Reformed base package, the parallels become more clear, the context becomes more prominent, and profound insights become more accessible than ever. Leading Bible scholars all over the world use Logos for their personal Bible study. It saves them time and helps them go deeper into Scripture. And it can do the same for you. Timothy Keller says, “I have found Logos to be the most intuitive and complete Bible software out there.”

Take your Bible study further with a Reformed base package. With works by Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale, and John Knox at your fingertips, you can do so much more with your time. And right now, when you get a Reformed base package, you can take 15% off. This special offer ends Friday, May 16, so get yours today!

Shane & Shane: Poised to Change Worship Ministry Forever

Shane Everett and Shane Barnard formed the duo Shane & Shane after meeting in College Station, Texas in the late 1990s. Since then, the pair has logged countless hours on the road, garnered multiple Dove Awards, enjoyed numerous A-list tour slots, and sold millions of tracks. Now husbands and fathers, the two men have set their sights on a more ambitious project—The Worship Initiative.

As they were touring, they always made time to invest in the development of other musicians, worship leaders, and songwriters. They recognized a need for formal training and encouragement in this community, so they constructed a plan to mentor from afar, challenging others to consider their calling, consider their craft, and consider creating.

They started by gathering some of their favorite musicians to record 100 songs, shooting video tutorials of each instrument. Add to that some powerful worship devotionals and a 14-week songwriting class, and you have something groundbreaking. At the heart of it all is an unwavering commitment to God’s Word. In their own words:

Logos Bible Software has changed the way we study God’s Word. We are so grateful for their commitment to making the Word of God and resources surrounding it available to us and the church.

Shane & Shane is just the latest in a string of musicians to acknowledge they use Logos Bible Software in their songwriting process. As we’ve often said, serious Bible study demands serious Bible study software; and songwriting at a high level definitely demands serious Bible study.

With new 24-month payment plans, Logos 5 is more affordable than ever before. Visit to explore everything Logos can do.

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The Faithlife Study Bible is all about community—Community Notes and reading plans are better when more people use them. That means that the more people find the FSB, the better it’ll be for you. And app stores like Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon give precedence to apps with positive reviews.

So if you love the Faithlife Study Bible, write a review to tell the world. Be specific, and be honest. If we can improve on something, we want to hear about it, but if you love the Faithlife Study Bible, help others discover it by writing a positive review.

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There’s still time to join the 14 Days on Resurrection reading plan

Easter 2013Prepare for Easter in the Word

Even though the reading plan has already started, you can still join. You’ll get a simple way to focus on Scripture regarding Jesus’ resurrection; you can finish after Easter at your own pace. The reading plan follows the story of Christ’s resurrection through 14 days of guided scripture.

Reading plans with Faithlife are a terrific way to connect with other Christians around the Word. The reading plan allows you to interact with other readers by sharing comments and questions. You can explore the 3 layers of study notes within the Faithlife Study Bible app, gain new insight into the text, share your knowledge through Community Notes, and so much more. With Scripture only a click away, you’ll get closer to biblical truth, together. The reading plan helps you to explore the power of the resurrection individually or with others if you choose.

Join the 14 Days reading plan today!

Resurrection Reading Plan Starts Tomorrow!

Easter 2013Looking for a way to prepare your heart for Easter and learn more about the Resurrection? Faithlife’s reading plan, 14 Days on Resurrection, starts tomorrow! The plan is designed to help Bible studies, worship teams, families, and individuals explore the power of the Resurrection through 14 key biblical passages.

Why should you participate?

You can study the Resurrection in community. Your group can be as small as just you and your spouse, or you can open it up to your entire church. Faithlife allows your group to share comments and questions about the readings. And with the Faithlife Prayer Widget, people can share prayer requests and how their prayers were answered.

It’s free and simple. With the free Faithlife Study Bible (FSB) app, you can take your study on the go. Catch up on the readings, or join in discussion whenever and wherever you want. If you’d rather participate on your computer, the plan connects with the FSB at The FSB will indicate where you start and stop reading.

Resurrection Reading Plan

You’ll dig deeper, faster. The Resurrection reading plan is powered by the world’s leading Bible software, Logos 5. Faithlife and Logos 5 connect seamlessly, so you can explore the Resurrection with all the tools and features of both Logos 5 and the Faithlife Study Bible notes. With the FSB app, each group member can view the same Logos-powered study notes with their favorite translation.

Ready to join? It’s not too late! Start reading in community today!

Prepare for Easter with a 14-Day Reading Plan

Easter 2013As Easter approaches, Faithlife is offering a 14-day reading plan that follows the story of Christ’s resurrection. This year, you can learn more about Christ’s sacrifice—together. Join the 14 Days on Resurrection plan with your friends, church, or family, and grow closer to God during this time of reflection.

This reading plan is designed to guide Bible-study groups, worship teams, families, and individuals through the power of the Resurrection. Each day, the digital reading plan will notify you with what to read. If you happen to miss a day, the plan will catch you up!

The 14 Days on Resurrection plan gives you a different approach to reading in community. You can share questions with your group at any time, and with the Faithlife app, take your group Bible study anywhere.

How do I start a group?

Faithlife makes group Bible study easy and interactive. Just join or create a group by logging in to You can invite your friends, your family, or anyone from church to become members of your group.

To start a Resurrection reading plan, go to your group Faithlife page and add the “14 Days on Resurrection” reading plan. Members can connect to your plan and start diving into the Word for the next 14 days. While everyone reads together, you can share prayer requests and notes with the Community Notes feature.

Ready to join? Sign in with your Logos credentials, or sign up for a free account today!

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Randy Alcorn The Faithlife Study Bible is filled with rich content from Christian leaders who help us navigate Scripture and answer questions about life and the Bible.

In times of hardship, distress, and tragedy, people turn to the Bible to find answers and comfort. A common question that arises during such times is “Where is God?” Or “Why did God allow that to happen?”

Randy Alcorn—New York Times bestselling author, founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, and former pastor—helps us tackle these questions in his article “Suffering and Sovereignty.” Alcorn takes us to Romans 8:28 to point to the sovereignty of God and his purposes:

“. . . for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

In his article, Alcorn discusses the story of Joseph. While Joseph’s brothers exercised their will to do harm to Joseph, God exercised his will to bring about good for Joseph, his family, and all of Egypt. God facilitated a good outcome out of Joseph’s brothers’ evil actions.

Read “Suffering and Sovereignty” to learn more about how God works all things together for good. Just get the Faithlife Study Bible free at

Know anyone who would benefit from the FSB and articles like “Suffering and Sovereignty”? Share the Faithlife Study Bible with them so they can get it free!

Win a fan pack from Kutless!

Kutless BelieverOne of the great things about the Faithlife Study Bible is the community: the Faithlife social network, which puts you in touch with Christians near and far. Now you can get even closer with the musicians you love and grow deeper in the Word. Faithlife is partnering with one of the biggest names in Christian rock, Kutless, and giving you the chance not only to be in a Faithlife group with them, but also to win a hoodie, t-shirt, a signed poster, and a signed copy of their CD “Believer!”

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Growing in God’s Word Together

Faithlife Study Bible

Around 62% of adults will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the U.S., and many are looking for creative ways to do so. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by digging into the Word to see what it has to say about love!

This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day by studying love with Faithlife’s predefined reading plan. Over the course of 21 days, you’ll read about how love is described, how we should love others, and how vast God’s love for us is. Take your Bible study deeper with:

Here’s how to join the reading plan, in-app:

  1. Open your FSB app
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) in the Daily Readings section
  3. Select Bible Reading Plan, and then New Reading Plan
  4. Pick whether you want a private reading plan or a group reading plan
    1. If you choose a group plan, choose the group you want to read with
  5. Choose the “21 Days on Love” reading plan
  6. And that’s it—you’re ready to read!

Or start your own Faithlife group and reading plan today

1. Take this opportunity to start a Faithlife Group
Create a new group
2. Invite those closest to you
Find friends
3. Add the predefined reading plan “21 Days on Love”
21 Days on Love
Go to and start your group today! Make sure you download your free copy of the Faithlife Study Bible—take your Bible reading with you wherever you are.

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You’ve been getting deeper into the Word with our Read the Bible in a Year campaign. The more you read, the more you want to learn about the events in the Bible. You’re hungry for knowledge, and reading your Bible isn’t completely satisfying your hunger.

What about standing where the stories you’re studying took place?

Nazareth from Mount PrecipiceLast month, Faithlife Tours launched a tour giveaway for two, and there’s still time to enter! You’ll see Nazareth, Capernaum, Golgotha, Jerusalem, and much more. Already booked your tour to Israel? Enter anyway! If you win, you’ll get a full refund*, plus a Nexus 7 preloaded with the Faithlife Study Bible and the Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible.

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