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With Proclaim and Pro Media, anyone on your staff can look like a professional. Proclaim is like having a built-in designer—one of our designers has already selected the ideal font, colors, and text size to accompany each background. That means no more fighting font clutter or squinting at screens because of poor contrast. Your church will have thousands of motion graphics, welcome videos, countdown videos, still backgrounds, and more to add to your services.

And that’s not all.

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Enter to Win a $30,000 Suite of Tools for Your Church

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Yes, you read that right. Proclaim Church Presentation Software is giving away a $30,000.00 suite of tools for your church.

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Proclaim is offering the chance to win gear to enhance your services, tools to provide biblical training for your staff, and solid Christian content to improve your staff’s personal study.

Here’s the complete list of what your church could win:
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Merry Christmas from Mobile Ed: Save Up to 50% on Select Courses

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This Christmas, discover the gift of a biblical education.

Mobile Ed has a special Christmas offer—you can save up to 50% on some of our most popular Mobile Ed courses from Douglas Moo, Craig Evans, John Walton, and more.

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3 Days Only: Save 80% on Great Books of the Western World

The Great Books of the Western World

Preorder Great Books of the Western World before Thursday, October 22 to get 80% off the regular price—that’s $400 in savings!

In a lifetime of reading, you could barely put a dent in the ever-growing list of the world’s books. But with the right tools, you can see the Western world’s biggest ideas through the lens of history’s most significant books—instantly.

Great Books of the Western World assembles 517 of the most influential literary works in the Western world. Coupled with Noet or Logos Bible Software, you can search all of these works at once to find out how these works have changed the way we think today. From Homer to Hemingway, Aquinas to Nietzsche, and Galileo to Einstein, history’s classic conversations now continue in your digital library.

What truly sets apart this prestigious 60-volume work is the Syntopicon—a two-volume index of the 102 major ideas that define the Western canon. Representing 10 years of research, this pivotal reference work introduces 102 major ideas and identifies every discussion of those ideas throughout the Great Books.

The 1,899 pages of the Syntopicon dig through 35,865 pages spanning over 2,700 years of literature. For reliable, scholarly research, it doesn’t get better than that. Explore what some of the most prominent writers in history have said about good and evil, life and death, religion, sin, nature, and more.

Right now, you can preorder this massive collection for just $99.99.  On October 22, the price will go up to $199.99—60% off the regular price. As always with Pre-Pub, the sooner you preorder, the more you save.

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Barriers to Converting from Islam to Christianity

Nabeel Qureshi

The November/December issue of Bible Study Magazine features Nabeel Qureshi—an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and bestselling author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

Qureshi was raised in a close-knit Pakistani-American family devoted to Islam—so when he became convinced of the truth of the Bible and the claims of the Christian faith, he knew everything would change. “I knew from studying the Gospels that I was called to give up everything. Jesus says in Matthew 10, ‘He who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.’ ”

In Jessi Strong’s interview with Qureshi, he opened up about some of the barriers he faced in his conversion to Christianity:

“In responding to the gospel, Qureshi realized his relationship with his family presented two barriers to Christian faith. The first was intellectual. From an early age, he had been taught Islamic apologetics—he learned to defend his minority faith in a majority Christian context. ‘Islam and Christianity teach such disparate things, and my parents needed a way to teach their son—who was growing up in the United States—to hold his beliefs against Christian teachings. I was taught Bible verses that seemed to argue against the deity of Jesus. One was Mark 13:32, where Jesus talks about no one knowing the day or the hour of the end of times, “not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Qureshi had to re-examine everything he had long assumed to be fact.

The second barrier was social. Even before he seriously considered Christianity, Qureshi knew how devastating his conversion would be to his parents. His close ties with them stemmed from their Eastern, communal-minded family structure—compounded by the isolation they experienced living as a minority race, religion, and culture in the U.S. To describe Qureshi’s family as devout doesn’t truly portray their religious legacy: “My mom was a missionary kid who grew up in Indonesia, where my grandfather preached to tribes in the jungles. My great-grandfather was a missionary and physician in Uganda. From a social perspective, there were two things that gave my parents a sense of respect and standing in the Muslim community: the family legacy and their children. My conversion would mean taking everything away from them.”

While in college and medical school, one of Qureshi’s Christian friends challenged him to examine the Bible more seriously to see if its claims could be verified. It took years, but he began to respect the Bible as a historical document—even before he recognized Jesus as God. “We know through biblical archaeology that some of the things Luke mentioned were not corroborated until archaeological digs confirmed them. I came to the conclusion that they had compelling historical truths. I researched textual transmission, wanting to find out if what the Bible says today is what the Bible has always said. We have so many manuscripts of the New Testament in ancient Greek that we can be very confident in our reading of its text. Understanding the nature of the evidence began to change my perspective on the reliability of the Bible.”

As his respect for the Bible grew, Qureshi began to look more closely at the Gospel of Mark’s claims about Jesus. “Muslim apologists will usually say that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, but he didn’t claim to be God. They expect Jesus to identify himself using certain words. It’s not a bad expectation, given how God identifies himself in the Old Testament. In Isaiah 45:22, for example, God very powerfully says, ‘I am God, and there is no other.’ When he meets Moses in Exodus 3:14, Moses asks him who he is, and God says, ‘I am that I am’—in other words, ‘I eternally exist.’ ””

Read the rest of Nabeel’s story in the November/December issue of Bible Study Magazinesubscribe today and get 30% off the cover price!

3 Reasons to Check Out Mobile Ed Today

Mobile Ed saleHave you ever wished you understood your Bible better? Whether you are a Bible study leader, pastor, or just curious about exploring theology, Mobile Ed can equip you for your journey. Offering courses from today’s leading scholars, Mobile Ed provides instruction that is accessible, flexible, and designed to help adult learners grasp the material and learn on the go. All courses are powered by Logos Bible Software and include recommendations for further reading, video tutorials, self-assessments, and the opportunity to learn in community through Faithlife groups. Now is the best time to explore Mobile Ed as there are three great opportunities to get connected.

1. More than 70 courses are on sale

Time is running out to take advantage of the biggest sale in Mobile Ed history. Enjoy savings on over 70 Mobile Ed courses, including two Craig Evans courses which are currently under $35 each (The Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts and Jesus and the Witness of the Outsiders). With 15% off all shipped courses and 50% off the Essentials Bundle, now is the time to kick-start your Bible study with Mobile Ed. Buy now and save before the sale ends on October 16th.

2. Tremper Longman’s Exodus course is 40% off

Tremper Longman IIILearn to approach Exodus from historical, literary, and theological perspectives. Explore the themes of salvation, law, and God’s presence. Dr. Tremper Longman examines the structure and major sections of Exodus, focusing on God’s activity: rescuing Israel from Egyptian bondage, giving Israel the law, and commanding Moses to build the tabernacle. This is your last chance to save 40% on Dr. Longman’s Book Study: Exodus before the course ships on October 15th.

3. George Guthrie’s Hebrews course is 40% off

George Guthrie courseGain fresh perspective on Hebrews as Dr. George Guthrie applies 20 years of interpretation and application to his teaching on this complex and unique book. Connect the pieces of the puzzle to gain a better understanding of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. Dig into this book study and take advantage of the last chance to save 40% on Dr. Guthrie’s Book Study: The Letter to the Hebrews before it ships on October 14th.

Choose a Mobile Ed course that fits your needs. Save 15% or more when you order before October 16.

3 Essential Tools That Deliver Nourishment to Your Bible Study

Last chance Logos 6 sale

Aqueducts brought life-giving water to Rome from miles away. Without them, the cornerstone of the Roman empire would’ve collapsed from a lack of nourishment. Just as the stone aqueducts delivered nourishment to Roman citizens, Logos 6 supplies the tools you need to glean spiritual nourishment from your Bible study.  Save 15%, plus your additional ownership discount when you upgrade with the Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade. Hurry, these discounts disappear 11:59 pm (PT) August 31.

Supply your Bible study with rich tools and media

Building your relationship with Christ is an investment—done brick by brick over your entire life, through the study of Scripture. Logos is the brick and mortar—the structure of the aqueduct that drives Scripture’s nourishment to your relationship with Christ.

The Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade is a bridge—it takes you from any previous version of the software to Logos 6, complete with all of the tools and capabilities—without adding more books.

Here are three ways Logos 6 provides tools that deliver nourishment to your Bible study:

1. Connect with biblical culture

Anyone who has spent time reading the Bible has experienced concepts in scripture that are foreign to our own. Whether it be Old Testament sacrifices, worship style, marriage laws, or music, our ability to understand and comprehend their importance can shift the way we interpret and apply scripture to our own life. With the Cultural Concepts tool in Logos 6 you can link straight from Scripture to a Factbook entry on the underlying cultural concept.

2. Examine Scripture with the help of ancient texts

Related to understanding cultural concepts is understanding what the text meant to its original readers, which is important for us to understand how we should apply the text to our lives. The Ancient Literature tool in Logos 6 aggregates ancient texts related to the scripture passage into one place, allowing you to quickly understand how first century people would interpret the text.

3. Study textual differences between translations

Ever wonder why passages differ between Bible translations? With the Textual Variants tool you can analyze Scripture passages based on the ancient texts they were derived from. Get everything you need for textual-variant study, all in one place: see overviews of textual variants with textual commentaries, compare primary texts with modern Bible editions, study original manuscripts, and view scanned photos of original Bible texts.

Logos 6 is on sale

The Feature Crossgrade bridges the gap between the current version of your software, and the latest features and capabilities of a Logos 6 Gold base package.

We created Feature Crossgrade with you in mind. It’s got all of the features, datasets, media, interactives, guides, and capabilities of Logos 6 Gold, but we’ve removed the additional books. That means huge savings for you and access to all the tools to deliver nourishment to your spiritual life.

Plus, you can make getting into Logos 6 even easier with a payment plan. With payment plans, you can spread the cost of the Feature Crossgrade over 12 months. Depending on your custom sale price you could own all of Logos 6’s tools for less than $50 a month (or less than $1.10 a day). Start using your new software right away—without paying the full amount up front.

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Get free training on Logos 6

If you have the right tool for the job, but you don’t know how to use it, it’s just as bad as not having it. So with your Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade you’ll get access to a free, live training webinar hosted by a Logos pro. Plus, if you attend you’ll also get a $25 coupon code to expand your library with any of our Feature Expansion Collections.

Crossover to the future of Bible study

Get early access to unreleased features, tools, and datasets  that ordinarily wouldn’t be available until the next software release, all for a low-cost monthly or annual subscription to Logos Now. 

With Logos Now you’ll get new features as we create them so you’ll always be on the forefront of Bible study. Plus, when you combine Logos Now with the Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade, you’ll save an additional 10% off an annual subscription to Logos Now. That means you’ll get your one-month free trial, and then get the equivalent of an additional month free with your subscription.

Bridge the gap to Logos 6 with the Feature Crossgrade, then cross over to the future of Bible study with Logos Now today!

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Interested building your library? You can always upgrade to a Logos 6 base package, or get additional base packages to bulk up your library. We’ve got a suite of theological libraries and when you upgrade before August 31, you’ll save 15%.

Get Free Books and Fantastic Deals During the Back-to-School Sale!

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During the back-to-school sale, we’re giving away a new free book each week! Get your free book today.

School is an integral step in your journey as a professional, an intellectual, and a Christian. The education you pursue plays a key role in shaping the way you think and how you approach the rest of life. You use time and money from the present to invest in your future.

Logos Bible Software helps lighten the load by saving you time and money with tools you’ll keep using in the future. That’s why during the back-to-school sale we’re offering steep discounts on more than 40 of the best academic resources. If you’re in the classroom, taking courses online, or doing personal study, Logos has something to help you get the most out of your education.

Original language resources

The BDAG/HALOT Bundle is one of our best-selling resources from 2014, and it’s a must-have tool for anyone studying the original languages. During the back-to-school sale, this prestigious academic tool is $25 off.

The Logos Bible Software edition of BDAG and HALOT provides you with lexical information at the click of the button. BDAG and HALOT integrate seamlessly with the rest of your resources. For example, all Scripture references within BDAG and HALOT appear on mouseover and are linked to the Greek and Hebrew texts and English translations in your library. What’s more, you can customize your library to automatically open BDAG or HALOT whenever you double-click on a Greek or Hebrew word in any of your resources.

Add the BDAG/HALOT Bundle to your library today.


The New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament is a decades-long project, recognized by scholars, pastors, and serious Bible students as a critical yet orthodox commentary. These authoritative scriptural guides bridge the cultural gap between today’s world and the Bible’s. During the back-to-school sale, the entire 47 volume collection is 33% off.

Watch this video to see what you can do with the New International Commentary Series:

Get the New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament.

Logos for school. Logos for life.

Whatever your educational goals are, the Logos back-to-school sale has tools to help you get there. You’ll find theologies, dictionaries and reference works, education essentials, and more. When you get these tools in Logos, your education doesn’t end when you graduate. The interconnected library you build today will continue to help you find answers, wherever your education takes you.

Find deals and free books during the back-to-school sale!