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Yes, you read that right. Proclaim Church Presentation Software is giving away a $30,000.00 suite of tools for your church.

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Proclaim is offering the chance to win gear to enhance your services, tools to provide biblical training for your staff, and solid Christian content to improve your staff’s personal study.

Here’s the complete list of what your church could win:
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Introducing Faithlife News

News plays a vital role in communities: it starts conversations, fosters empathy, promotes change and affects decision-making at the highest levels of organizations. Consequently, it becomes increasingly important for people to read widely and stay informed.

Faithlife recently launched Faithlife News, a service that aggregates and delivers the latest breaking Christian news from a variety of websites and blogs. Every fifteen minutes Faithlife News updates with stories from dozens of well-known publishers such as Christianity Today, The Gospel Herald, The Christian Post, World Magazine and many more. Our goal is to help people discover and share news that matters most to them.

7 ways to stay informed

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3) Bookmark https://news.faithlife.com

Check back daily for the latest headlines. Login with your Faithlife account to customize which channels are visible on your news dashboard.

4) Add the browser extension

Google Chrome users can install the Chrome Extension to see the most recent headlines each time a new browser tab is opened.

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5) Enable in Logos desktop

To enable Faithlife News on the Home Screen of Logos Bible Software. 1) Open Logos on your computer 2) Make sure you are signed in 3) Click the settings wheel on the top right 4) Check the box next to ‘Faithlife News’. Now the latest headlines will appear on the home screen of your software. Visit the channels page to set your news preferences.

6) Download the WordPress plugin

It’s easy to add Faithlife News to your WordPress site. Download the WordPress plugin from the plugins directory and install it. Follow the instructions to add a news widget to any area of your site.
Faithlife News WordPress Widget

7) Add the RSS feed

Add this RSS feed to your favorite syndicator: http://news.faithlife.com/feed


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New: The Gold Standard for Research Tools

Encyclopedia Britannica Noet EditionNoet recently partnered with the world’s oldest and most trusted English-language encyclopedia to offer a new way for students, parents, and academics to explore history’s most significant texts.

Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition (EBNE) offers a smarter, more efficient way to study history, the classics, literature, and philosophy. Perfect for lovers of the classics and homeschoolers, EBNE integrates primary sources with Encyclopedia Britannica content.

You can start by reading an article on Plato in your encyclopedia, then, with a click, jump to The Republic. To go even further, you can explore the original Greek text, too, and study the English and Greek texts side by side, and scrolling in sync. Click a date in your encyclopedia, and go straight to Noet’s Timeline tool.

Pre-order Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition for 60% off today.

“A significant step forward”

This new edition offers a landmark achievement for the 247-year-old company. According to Michael Ross, senior vice president at Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., “The Noet edition is unlike anything we’ve ever done before and represents a significant step forward for Encyclopaedia Britannica. Noet offers the most advanced way to study the humanities, and Britannica offers some of the best reference articles available. Together, we’re helping students, teachers, and researchers all over the world gain greater access to the trustworthy information they need.”

The Noet edition works within the free Noet app and syncs across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Every resource in the Noet library is interconnected: dates in the encyclopedia link to a visual timeline, quotes and citations link to their primary sources, and articles link to similar works across the library.

The EBNE includes more than 25,000 images, 10 million words and 19,000 articles rigorously compiled and edited by the editors at Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Pre-order EBNE for 60% off!

For a limited time, you can pre-order Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition for 60% off: reserve your copy today!

New: the World’s Smartest Humanities Software Is Here!

Noet Research Libraries smallThe wait is finally over: less than a year after launching our cutting-edge mobile app, we’ve just released Noet’s enhanced desktop application, making it the world’s smartest software for humanities study.

New Noet Research Libraries bring together the world’s most intelligent study tools with history’s greatest works. Plus, for a limited time, you can take 15% off any Noet Research Library. Choose from 14 discipline-specific libraries that cover Jewish studies, literature, ancient and modern philosophy, Greek classics, and more.

Choose which Noet Research Library is right for you!

See Noet in action

Noet equips people for smarter, faster study of literature, philosophy, history, and the classics. See what you can do:

Do smarter humanities study

Noet is the first of its kind—there’s nothing else like it on the market, making it the perfect study companion for students, professors, and classical enthusiasts all over the world.

If you’re a student: do intelligent searches across classic works and pinpoint answers in seconds. Find every time “virtue” is mentioned in Plato’s dialogues and every time “truth” is mentioned across your library. Plus, you’ll get to take advantage of the ultimate time-saver: automatic citations. Just copy and paste from any Noet ebook, and your sources are automatically cited for you in the style of your choice: choose from MLA, APA, AP, and more.

If you’re a professor: make new discoveries in a fraction of the time. With Noet, you can study primary texts and translations side by side, while scrolling them in sync. Select any word, see it’s Greek or Latin translation and definition, then jump to other sources that use the same word. You can also add your personal research papers, blogs, and articles into your Noet library—making them searchable, citable, and linked to other resources.

If you’re a homeschool parent: equip your children for more fruitful classical study. Mark up your resources with notes and highlights, then share your findings and questions with your kids, essentially embedding your syllabus into their ebooks. You can also easily connect with other students and parents with Noet groups—encouraging an open dialogue in a safe and controlled environment. Noet also equips you for powerful language study—even if you don’t speak a word of Greek or Latin, you can start grasping original language nuances with glosses of word meanings and pronunciation examples, and then share them with your children.

If you’re a history/literature/philosophy/classics buff: then this is a big deal. . . . Noet will be your new go-to source for all things humanities: get fresh ideas for compelling blog posts and research papers, make new connections across your favorite literary works—from Dickens to Milton to Austen, and take your much-loved digital library everywhere: start reading Tolstoy on the bus ride home, then pick up right where you left off on your desktop computer.

Engage history’s greatest minds and take advantage of the world’s first humanities software: get 15% off new Noet Research libraries today.


Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Randy Alcorn The Faithlife Study Bible is filled with rich content from Christian leaders who help us navigate Scripture and answer questions about life and the Bible.

In times of hardship, distress, and tragedy, people turn to the Bible to find answers and comfort. A common question that arises during such times is “Where is God?” Or “Why did God allow that to happen?”

Randy Alcorn—New York Times bestselling author, founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, and former pastor—helps us tackle these questions in his article “Suffering and Sovereignty.” Alcorn takes us to Romans 8:28 to point to the sovereignty of God and his purposes:

“. . . for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

In his article, Alcorn discusses the story of Joseph. While Joseph’s brothers exercised their will to do harm to Joseph, God exercised his will to bring about good for Joseph, his family, and all of Egypt. God facilitated a good outcome out of Joseph’s brothers’ evil actions.

Read “Suffering and Sovereignty” to learn more about how God works all things together for good. Just get the Faithlife Study Bible free at FaithlifeBible.com/Giveaway.

Know anyone who would benefit from the FSB and articles like “Suffering and Sovereignty”? Share the Faithlife Study Bible with them so they can get it free!

The Faithlife Study Bible Gets New Content!

The Faithlife Study Bible is one of the most comprehensive study Bibles available, but that doesn’t mean we’re content to stop there. We’ve recently added tons of all-new material to the FSB.

These brand-new additions include updated FSB sidebars by reliable and prominent contributors, including:

In addition to the sidebar notes, more than 20,000 words have been added in notes on Genesis, Ephesians, and Philippians. We’ve even revised and updated other notes throughout the FSB.

The Lexham Bible Dictionary (bundled free with the FSB) has also been enhanced. We’ve added new articles totaling more than 66,000 words! These articles address subjects like:

  • Baptism
  • Joseph
  • Early Christian worship
  • Trinity
  • Rhetorical criticism
  • And much more

You want a study Bible that will grow with you, and the Faithlife Study Bible is adding new study notes, maps, media, and articles constantly.

Download the Faithlife Study Bible free through March 2014 and you’ll get:

  • Three layers of study notes—go deeper into the meaning of the text.
  • The Lexham Bible Dictionary—learn from more than 2,800 articles.
  • Rich media—augment your study with tons of photos, videos, and infographics.
  • Community Notes—share favorite verses, thoughts, and questions with your church, small group, etc.
  • Reading plans—read through the Bible with groups.
  • Devotions—reflect on the Faithlife Study Bible’s daily devotionals.
  • Smart searches—find what you’re looking for when you need it.
  • Highlighting—customize your notes with more than 80 colors and symbols.
  • Document sharing—share notes, lesson plans, outlines, and more with your groups.
  • The freedom to study anywhere—use the FSB in Logos 4 or on your mobile device.

If you haven’t downloaded the Faithlife Study Bible, why wait any longer? Get it free today!

Win a Scholar’s Library from Logos Bible Software

We want you to have comprehensive tools for Bible study. Enter now and you could win a Scholar’s Library from Logos Bible Software! Scholar’s Library is a massive library for serious students and scholars of the Bible, with hundreds of books at over 92% off the equivalent print editions. This prize will equip you with more than 475 books and commentaries—worth nearly $8,000 in print.

Combine the Scholar’s Library with the Faithlife Study Bible, and you are ready for dynamic and life-changing Bible study.

The Faithlife Study Bible equips you for dynamic Bible study. You start with the complete biblical text in the trustworthy Lexham English Bible translation and then add:

  • Three layers of study notes—go deeper into the meaning of the text.
  • The Lexham Bible Dictionary—learn from more than 2,700 articles.
  • Rich media—augment your study with tons of photos, videos, and infographics.
  • Community Notes—share favorite verses, thoughts, and questions with your church, small group, etc.
  • Reading plans—read through the Bible with groups.
  • Devotions—reflect on the Faithlife Study Bible’s daily devotionals.
  • Smart searches—find what you’re looking for when you need it.
  • Highlighting—customize your notes with more than 80 colors and symbols.
  • Document sharing—share notes, lesson plans, outlines, and more with your groups.

You can get the Faithlife Study Bible free through March, 2014.
Enter the giveaway!

Connect the Testaments: Writing a Devotional

“You eventually discover that it’s not about you reading the text, but the text reading you,” a professor once remarked. If we don’t allow the Spirit to make us more like Jesus through our reading of the Bible, then why read it at all?

Devotional content sweeps away the proverbial dust from our Bibles—making the text more personal. It also allows the Bible to “read itself”—to speak to us directly through its inner monologue and the dialogues between its inspired authors. These ideas combined to create Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional.

The devotional began as an idea for a reading plan offering biblical theology. The biblical authors had unique insights and interests: how God’s work began and begins, new beginnings, spiritual renewal, prophecy, God’s work in history and how he grew and grows his kingdom. The reading plan was developed with those interests and themes in mind, intentionally setting up exchanges between the biblical authors across the testaments. It was designed to cover every day of the year. Each reading includes passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Wisdom literature like Proverbs, Psalms, and Job.

The devotional focuses on how the biblical text connects between the testaments. It demonstrates what those conversations teach us about living for Jesus. Some links are made through broader themes, and others are as simple as the biblical text quoting itself. The devotional is dedicated to making God’s message understandable and relevant for those seeking to live for Jesus.

The late scholar Brevard Childs once said, “Wherever the Spirit is not present, there is no great explanation possible.” Connect the Testaments is about empowering people to find explanations for problems in both the biblical text and in their lives. Right now, it’s free with Faithlife Study Bible.

The Story of the Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible began with a question: “What if there were no page constraints?” Imaginations began to churn: “What if I could go deeper at any time?” “Could we link to articles and books?” “What if I could use different translations?” “What if this Bible could keep growing with more answers and discoveries?” “What if ‘my Bible study’ became ‘our Bible study’ with everything integrated into a faith-based social network?” “Could the FSB help more people find Jesus and make the Bible central to their lives?” To every question, the answer was, “Let’s try it.”

Further questions and answers developed into guiding principles for the project: The editorial stance would be balance and transparency with everything, including theories and possibilities. Everything would be rooted in fact. Passages would be explained historically, culturally, linguistically, and contextually. The product would offer curated links to a Bible dictionary and a glossary to provide definitions. The FSB would include a new media package of videos, maps, family trees, and infographics. It would provide reading plans and a daily devotional to help people get into the Word.

The project called for hiring and contracting more scholars. Many notes were read and reviewed by at least a dozen people. Late nights and all-nighters, box lunches and midnight pizza deliveries—all point to the heart of the Faithlife Study Bible: It was birthed from a deep desire to help people find Jesus and become his disciples by making it easier than ever to answer the big questions.

When the project neared completion, it was clear that God had provided a gift—one to be used every day and shared with the world. Today the Faithlife Study Bible is free with the coupon code FREE.