Win 3 Years of Proclaim and Pro Media, Plus a Whole Lot More

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Now until March 31, your church can enter to win three years of Proclaim, Pro Media, and so much more!

Follow Proclaim on Faithlife and your church is entered. It’s that easy. Invite more people to increase your church’s chance to win—every person you invite earns you an additional entry.

With Proclaim and Pro Media, anyone on your staff can look like a professional. Proclaim is like having a built-in designer—one of our designers has already selected the ideal font, colors, and text size to accompany each background. That means no more fighting font clutter or squinting at screens because of poor contrast. Your church will have thousands of motion graphics, welcome videos, countdown videos, still backgrounds, and more to add to your services.

And that’s not all.

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Enter to Win a $30,000 Suite of Tools for Your Church

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Yes, you read that right. Proclaim Church Presentation Software is giving away a $30,000.00 suite of tools for your church.

Follow Proclaim on Faithlife to enter your church.

Proclaim is offering the chance to win gear to enhance your services, tools to provide biblical training for your staff, and solid Christian content to improve your staff’s personal study.

Here’s the complete list of what your church could win:
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5 Steps to Prepare Bible Studies for Children’s Ministries

Children’s ministry
Today’s guest post is by Pastor Sam Luce of Redeemer Church in Utica, New York. Sam has been a pastor for 17 years—14 of which he served as a children’s pastor. He received his BA in theology from Portland Bible College, and he’s been involved in children’s ministry for 23 years. Sam writes regularly about children’s ministry and Christian parenting at

“Bonhoeffer would often say that ‘if one couldn’t communicate the most profound ideas about God and the Bible to children, something was amiss.’”—Eric Metaxas

One of the most important and most neglected disciplines for children’s ministry work is personal study. Often when it comes to children’s ministry curriculum, the Bible story is either too complicated or too simplistic. The answer is not “buy a better curriculum.” The answer is personal bible study.

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Free Greek and Hebrew Fonts for Your Computer

Greek and Hebrew
There’s something special about seeing hand-drawn ancient characters. It’s like the smell of old books, or the feel of papyrus.

You can’t simulate the smell of books (yet!), and you probably shouldn’t open glass cases to feel the papyrus, but here at Faithlife, our in-house Greek and Hebrew experts have created these authentic hand-drawn Greek and Hebrew fonts, which you can download for free. They’re the same fonts we use in Logos Bible Software’s Greek Alphabet Tutor and Hebrew Alphabet Tutor.

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Now Available: Start Next Now

Start Next Now
You have permission to do something incredible.

Has no one told you that before? Then let me say it another way.

You have permission to try anything, and I believe you can accomplish whatever you’d like. This is the advice I’ve given to my kids and to every young person who’s ever asked me for career advice, and now I want to share it with you. That’s why I wrote Start Next Now.

You can get it right now at for just $9.99.

In my book, I outline five steps that you can take right now toward your goal. Here’s a preview:

Step 1: Identify your next

identify your next step

Figuring out what you want can actually be the most difficult part of getting ahead. Don’t worry—there isn’t a perfect answer, and you can always change your answer later. If you can’t identify the big goal down the road, at least identify the next thing you want to try.

Step 2: Start doing the next thing now

Start doing the next thing now

It may not be possible to move directly to your goal, but you can make sure that every turn you make is in the direction of your goal. Always turning toward your goal not only keeps your goal in mind, but it also helps you acquire the knowledge, the connections, and even the vocabulary that will help you achieve your goal.

Step 3: Set yourself up for success

Set yourself up for success

The way you distinguish yourself is by doing stuff. In particular, do distinct and useful activities that aren’t easily labeled. Do stuff you couldn’t represent by checking a box on a form. Do stuff that will cause interviewers to ask questions when they see it on your resume.

Step 4: Evaluate your employment

evaluate your employment

Joining an organization is like getting on a bus. Make sure you’re getting on a bus that will get you closer to your goal. There’s no bigger waste of time than riding on a bus that is going in the wrong direction.

Step 5: Reach your next milestone

reach your next milestone

Identify something concrete and specific, then start. The act of doing, or even writing about doing, the next thing will teach you things you can’t learn any other way. “Move up or move out” is a career management strategy in many large organizations, including the military. There’s no reason you can’t adopt it as your own personal plan.

I have a lot more to say about starting your next now, so visit, and get your copy of the book.

Buy the book at, and you’ll get it in all its available formats—print, digital, audiobook, ePub, and (of course) the Vyrso edition. But the digital edition is the most exciting to me.

We’ve spent the last few months re-imagining what a book can be. And the reading experience at is one of a kind. I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Tomorrow I’ll take the reins of the @Logos twitter account to answer your questions from 12:30—1:30 p.m. PT (3:30—4:30 p.m. ET). You can start asking questions now using the hashtag #StartNextNow. Ask me anything!

Faithlife Groups Now Support Push Notifications on Mobile

Faithlife messages

Faithlife is your online Christian community. It goes where you go. Time, distance, and busy lives don’t have to separate you from your church or small group when you can take the conversation on the go.

Thanks to a few of our more recent updates to the Faithlife Groups mobile app, it’s even easier to keep up with the conversation in your church family. Any time you’re directly mentioned in a post, or you receive a message, you’ll feel the familiar buzz on your phone that tells you someone is talking to you.

push notifications

If you’ve been waiting to join Faithlife Groups with your small group or church, now is the time. With the addition of push notifications, Faithlife Groups is even more equipped to be the ultimate church communication tool. With features like Community Notes and the discussions tab, Faithlife Groups helps you keep the conversation focused on what matters most to you. Share your thoughts about what you’re reading, and help each other stay on track with a shared Bible reading plan.

As always, if you ever think something could be better, just tell us! You can let us know on the forums, or in the Faithlife Beta group. Our mission is to serve the church, and if we can do that better, as part of the church, you get to tell us how.

Find your church on Faithlife Groups right now. If no one’s using it yet, claim it, and show your church how to get started. Or, create a brand new group for your small group or ministry.

3 Days Only: Save 80% on Great Books of the Western World

The Great Books of the Western World

Preorder Great Books of the Western World before Thursday, October 22 to get 80% off the regular price—that’s $400 in savings!

In a lifetime of reading, you could barely put a dent in the ever-growing list of the world’s books. But with the right tools, you can see the Western world’s biggest ideas through the lens of history’s most significant books—instantly.

Great Books of the Western World assembles 517 of the most influential literary works in the Western world. Coupled with Noet or Logos Bible Software, you can search all of these works at once to find out how these works have changed the way we think today. From Homer to Hemingway, Aquinas to Nietzsche, and Galileo to Einstein, history’s classic conversations now continue in your digital library.

What truly sets apart this prestigious 60-volume work is the Syntopicon—a two-volume index of the 102 major ideas that define the Western canon. Representing 10 years of research, this pivotal reference work introduces 102 major ideas and identifies every discussion of those ideas throughout the Great Books.

The 1,899 pages of the Syntopicon dig through 35,865 pages spanning over 2,700 years of literature. For reliable, scholarly research, it doesn’t get better than that. Explore what some of the most prominent writers in history have said about good and evil, life and death, religion, sin, nature, and more.

Right now, you can preorder this massive collection for just $99.99.  On October 22, the price will go up to $199.99—60% off the regular price. As always with Pre-Pub, the sooner you preorder, the more you save.

Reserve your copy today.

3 Ways Is Faster and More Accessible Than Ever

Faithlife Groups

There’s something you should know about Faithlife: we’re always improving. That’s why we have such a short feedback loop: we can hear what you have to say, and we respond directly to that feedback. Whether that happens on our forums, within Faithlife Groups, or through our award-winning customer service team.

Recently, we’ve made some significant changes to Faithlife Groups and your experience on

1. We made the site faster

Since its launch in 2012, has been a massive undertaking—it’s connected to most of Faithlife’s ever-growing list of products. We’ve often called it “the glue” that links everything together. We hope that our products help you grow and learn with your church, and we’ve made faster to help you do that. When inspiration hits, don’t wait to share it with the people you love.

2. We made it easier to see what’s new

Thanks to the new preview window, you can check your notifications and messages with a quick glance—so you don’t have to leave the page to see what’s new. Click on the message or notification icon to activate the preview, or click “see all” to access your entire inbox.
Faithlife notifications

3. We made a new way to find your community

Faithlife Groups now has a geolocation button in the search bar. If you’re trying to find groups or people, the geolocation button lets you find the groups and people using Faithlife Groups near you.


Create your free Faithlife Groups account and find a group near you! Or, claim a group for your church and invite your friends!