7 Things the Bible Says about Orphans

Psalm 68:5

The Bible has a lot to say about orphans. The Hebrew word for orphan is yatom—usually translated fatherless. It describes a child who lacks the protection and provision of a family.

The best modern equivalent for this type of person is a foster child—a child whose parents are either unable or unwilling to care for them.

Let’s see what the Bible has to say about them.

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Picturing Scripture: Now Available on Logos.com!

Bible art coffee table book
Picturing Scripture was loved greatly by all those who backed it on Kickstarter late last year. If you missed it, your second chance is here! Picturing Scripture is available now on Logos.com.

We paired the 100 best-loved pieces of Verse Art with inspiring devotionals, and compiled them into a hardback volume that looks great in any living room.

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Introducing BellinghamWins.com

Faithlife moved to Bellingham in 2002 with 45 employees. Now, more than 420 employees occupy Faithlife’s five buildings on the downtown campus. As the space Faithlife occupies has grown, so have the ways it invests in the community.

That’s why Faithlife is proud to introduce BellinghamWins.com—a site that celebrates the city that we call home.

“We’re excited about what’s happening downtown. It’s really become a vibrant spot,” said CEO Bob Pritchett.

Bellingham is perfectly situated on a sheltered bay below a regal mountain at the gateway to spectacular islands.


Bellingham is surrounded by natural beauty, productive farms, and two world-class cities in two different countries.


Bellingham hosts a significant university, a well-educated workforce, and global businesses.

Bellingham has two vibrant downtowns and a waterfront redevelopment opportunity like nothing else in the world.


(Photos by Nick Kelly & Patrick Fore at BellinghamWins.com)

You are welcome to use all of the content and photographs that appear at BellinghamWins.com under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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New for iOS: Faithlife Keyboard

Introducing the Faithlife Keyboard—now available for your iOS device!

Built during the most recent Faithlife company hackathon, the Faithlife Keyboard comes pre-loaded with an expansive library of Bible art that you can search by topic or passage. The inspirational Bible art that you’ve come to love on your Logos home screen is now easier than ever to share with your friends. Get the Faithlife Keyboard—free in the App Store—and follow the setup instructions. In a minute you’ll have loads of Bible art to share, including animated GIFs, stickers, praise badges, and faithmojis.


What’s a faithmoji you ask? They are a fun way to enhance your text messages with unique, expressive faces like these:



Bible verse art

If you like our Verse of the Day art, you definitely want to download the Faithlife Keyboard—now you can search every book of the Bible for Verse of the Day art and add them to your text messages!


Praise badges

As if that wasn’t enough, Faithlife Keyboard also includes a large collection of praise badges with encouraging and faith-inspired messages like:

Jesus frees usguard your heart


Try the Faithlife Keyboard on your iOS device today—it will change the way you text.


Logos App Coming to Windows Phone: Help Make It Happen

Help us bring the Logos mobile experience to your Windows Phone—we need your help!

iOS and Android users have relied on our mobile apps to study the Word for years. Features like Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, and Text Comparison turn your phone or tablet into a powerful Bible study tool.

After using our iOS app, one reviewer said: “This app makes the $500 cost of an iPad worth it.”

We want to deliver that same mobile experience to users of Windows phones and tablets. But developing on a new platform requires a lot of time and effort—that’s time and effort our developers could be spending on other projects.

We want to make sure it’s worth the investment, so we’re using our Community Pricing program to get a sense of how many Windows Phone-owning Logos users there are. If you’re not familiar with Community Pricing, here’s a crash course:

Most of the time, we use Community Pricing to measure demand for specific books or collections in the Logos format, but in this case we’re using it to measure demand for a Windows app. Eventually, once the project has collected enough support, we’ll make it available for everyone—for free—and we’ll send a special thank-you gift to the early adopters who helped fund this project by bidding on it through Community Pricing.

Want to see a Logos app on your Windows Phone and get a special gift from Logos? Bid today!

Reserve Your Spot at BibleTech: 2015

bibletech-2015BibleTech explores the intersection of Scripture and technology, showcasing the innovative work of people working in this space everyday. And you’re invited!

From April 30 through May 2, come rub shoulders with other like-minded developers, Bible scholars, linguists, and database experts. BibleTech attendees work every day to apply the power of technology to biblical scholarship. You can swap stories with them over at this two-day conference at the Cedarbrook Lodge, a conference center with Pacific Northwest flair located right around the corner from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

A ticket to BibleTech includes:

  • All meals
  • Campus-wide Internet
  • Stately accommodations
  • Snacks throughout the event
  • Transportation to and from the airport

caven-110901-2586 (1) caven-110902-3388Just get yourself to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and we’ll take care of the rest. Private rooms are available, but if you bring a guest (and don’t mind sharing), you can both save a little money.

Either way, act fast: space is limited, and the remaining slots are going quickly. To reserve your spot, just click “Add to cart” and select your ticket preference from the drop-down list.

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More Americans Read the Bible than Watch the Superbowl

EveryDayBible-230x230According to the Barna Research Group, 37 percent of Americans read the Bible at least once a week. For comparison, only about one third of Americans watched the Super Bowl last year. This year, reading the Bible daily is even easier, thanks to the Every Day Bible app.

Every Day Bible takes the guesswork out of daily Bible reading. Instead of wondering what passage you should read each day, or starting in Genesis and slogging through 42 books only to find yourself back where you started (John 1:1), the Every Day Bible app serves up a daily, manageable passage from each major portion of Scripture—Old Testament, New Testament, and poetry. You can cultivate a broad perspective of Scripture without ever feeling stuck in the wilderness of genealogies.

Create a free Faithlife account through the app to unlock other Bible versions, and the collaborative power of Faithlife Groups.

Why not renew your commitment to daily Bible reading? The Every Day Bible app is available in both the iOS and Android app stores, and on your computer at EveryDayBible.com.

Introducing the Every Day Bible App

everydaybibleRead the Bible—just a little everyday—and you’ll know it better. You’ll get to know God better. And you’ll learn more about what it means to follow him.

Everybody knows that.

The problem isn’t knowing it.

The problem is in the flood of questions and roadblocks that follow when you or I make a commitment to daily Scripture reading.

Where do I start?

How much do I read?

When do I read?

What translation do I read?

What if I read something that I don’t understand?

So we’ve built a very simple tool to answer all of them for you. It’s called Every Day Bible, and it makes daily Bible reading easier than ever before.

Available on the web at EveryDayBible.com and on your mobile device through the App Store or Google Play, Every Day Bible addresses all the things that make a commitment to daily Bible reading so hard to maintain. Each day you’ll find passages from both the Old and New Testaments, a short devotional, and a piece of Bible Screen art that corresponds with the selected passage.

everyday Bible

We worked hard to keep the app simple, so you can jump right into the text. But we also included some helpful features. In the Every Day Bible mobile app, you can turn on or off the various sections, so you can focus on just one type of Scripture—like poetry—if you’d prefer. And you can have the app remind you to read at the time of your choosing.

We tuned the Every Day Bible App reading plan to cover a reasonably-sized passage from each major section of scripture on each day—so you never feel like you’re slogging through. Each day you get a little taste of both Old and New Testaments, giving you a uniquely broad perspective on the Scriptures.

The day’s Bible reading is complemented by a short passage from our in-house Bible scholars that explain the content of the text and draw out some of the key ideas.

We top off each entry with a beautiful piece of Bible Screen art from one of the verses covered that day that you can share with just a tap.

Download the Every Day Bible app for your iOS or Android device to enjoy our done-for-you Bible reading plan.