Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Randy Alcorn

 The Faithlife Study Bible is filled with rich content from Christian leaders who help us navigate Scripture and answer questions about life and the Bible. In times of hardship, distress, and tragedy, people turn to the Bible to find answers and comfort. A common question that arises during such times is “Where is God?” Or […]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Growing in God’s Word Together

Create a new group

Around 62% of adults will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the U.S., and many are looking for creative ways to do so. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by digging into the Word to see what it has to say about love! This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day by studying love with Faithlife’s predefined […]

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Faithlife Study Bible Contributors: Dr. Timothy Keller

Tim Keller

The Faithlife Study Bible gives you a wealth of study tools and information: in addition to rich media, smart searches, and three layers of study notes, you’ll get the outstanding articles from leading pastors, theologians, scholars and teachers. The Faithlife Study Bible features dozens of articles from celebrated Christians, like Dr. Timothy Keller, New York […]

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Spend This Year in the Word


Only 15 days ago, we challenged you, and thousands of other Logos users, to spend this year in the Word. And now, 15 days into the new year, we’re absolutely blown away by the tremendous response from people who want to dig into the Word together! We want to commend the hundreds of you who […]

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Use Faithlife and the FSB in 2013


You can use the Faithlife Study Bible app to stick with your New Year’s resolution to dig into the Word. Stay connected to your community, and keep up with your reading plans and notes wherever you are! Here’s how: 1. Log in to and choose the Faithlife group that you want to participate in. […]

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Use Faithlife and Logos 5 in 2013


Faithlife  works seamlessly with your Logos 5 base package. It keeps you connected with your community and puts your entire library at your fingertips. Connect with the people you care about through Logos 5 and Faithlife’s reading plans! Here’s how: 1. Log in to and choose the Faithlife group that you want to participate […]

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