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Even when all the seats are filled, many churches and ministries struggle to find and keep enough volunteers.

It’s not a reflection of how well you share the gospel. But it’s probably an indicator that your volunteer program could use some work.

After pastors and church staff shared their struggle to train new volunteers, Proclaim Church Presentation Software produced Can Someone Please Volunteer? to help build volunteer programs that last.

Now, Proclaim wants your church staff to have a copy for free.

Seriously. You can share this ebook with your whole team.

Inside, you’ll discover insights that address problems volunteer teams face. You’ll find:

  • Practical methods to recruit more volunteers who stay involved.
  • Helpful strategies to train volunteers with different learning styles, so less people feel out of place.
  • Thoughtful ways to appreciate the volunteers you have, so people want to stay as long as they can.
  • Intentional steps to address volunteer burnout before it affects your team.

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