How to Create Your Own Digital Church Bulletins

Church bulletins now lets you create digital bulletins your church can access online—before, during, or after your service.

Every week, churches print off thousands of bulletins—most of which never actually leave the building. It costs money, wastes paper, and fails to remind most of your congregation about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and the key takeaways from your service.

Digital bulletins leverage smartphones to keep your church more connected.

You can use these to collect connection cards (which we automatically organize into a spreadsheet), tell your congregation about upcoming events, share the exact passages your sermon is working through, or add notes to help your congregation follow along with the sermon.

digital contact card

If you have Proclaim Church Presentation Software, your church can also use these bulletins to collect offerings, take live surveys, and add events directly to their calendars.

Here’s how you can start using bulletins right now:

1. Set up an open church group

If your church doesn’t already have a Faithlife group, head to and select “new group.” Under type choose “church,” and set the privacy level to “open.”

As an admin, you control your Faithlife group’s privacy settings. Your church group should be “open”—meaning anyone can find and join your group—so that the people in your seats can actually see the place you want them to go.

If the group is open, anyone can follow along with your bulletins, even if they don’t join or follow your group. This way your bulletins are useful to everyone, not just your regulars.

2. Create a bulletin

Select the “bulletins” tab to pull up every bulletin your church has created in your group. All of the bulletins in this tab are visible to anyone. If your church uses Proclaim, every presentation you create automatically creates a bulletin here. You can edit these bulletins, or select “create bulletin” to start a new one.

You’ll start with a blank canvas so you can add the pieces you want everyone to see. Your church name appears automatically.

blank bulletin

Add “text” sections to tell people about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, the main points of your sermon, and links to where people can find more information about a topic or event.

You can also save your presentation slides as images and add them to your bulletins that way.

Add a passage to help people follow along in the Bible. If there’s a short passage you want people to focus on, this is a great way to put it right in front of them. Or, for longer passages, this bulletin becomes a link directly to a free online Bible so they can read in depth.

Clicking the Proclaim button lets you pull items directly from your church presentations. Choose the presentation, and Faithlife uploads the whole thing—you can always remove the pieces you don’t want.

When you have a bulletin set up, you can print, copy, or link to it.

3. Share your bulletin

Faithlife makes it easy to both create and distribute your bulletins. If you prefer to print and hand out hard copies, Faithlife formats your bulletin so it looks good on paper. You can print straight from, or you can copy your entire bulletin to a clipboard, so you can keep working on it somewhere else.

To get the most from bulletins you create on, we recommend sharing a link to your church group and telling people to select the bulletin tab. This way, your bulletin can provide your congregation with valuable links about events, Scripture, and more. You could tell people about a volunteer opportunity, baptism, or other event and send them to a page where they can instantly sign up right from their seats.

Do more with bulletins plus Proclaim

When your church uses Proclaim Church Presentation Software—which you can try free for 30 days—bulletins become even more valuable.

Proclaim Signals let your congregation interact directly with your presentation. For bulletins, this means you can digitally collect tithes, add calendar events, and more, right into your presentation.

Faithlife and Proclaim can digitally deliver the things you collect with pen and paper every weekend.

Digital church bulletins are more convenient for your growing population of smartphone owners, they saves you (or your volunteers) time getting all the information in one place later, and using them means you can have visually attractive bulletins without spending hundreds of dollars on printing every year.

See how easy it is to create bulletins in Faithlife: create your church group now.


    • Ryan Nelson says

      Yes! All you need is a church group on You can still add slides from your presentation individually as images and you can still use them to take attendance and collect contact information. Proclaim adds the ability to add downloadable contact info/calendar events, take surveys, and use online giving, plus it creates bulletins for you automatically when you create a presentation.

  1. says

    Can we embed the bulletin on our church website like the sermon audio? We prefer to direct attention to one place to keep things simple for our members

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Great question, Jami. I talked to our developers about it, and it sounds like they’ve discussed it before, it just hasn’t been officially designed or implemented. They were glad to hear that you’ve requested it though. At this time, the best we can recommend is that you include a link to the bulletins tab on your church website, so people could go to your main site and then be at the right bulletin with a tap or two. I hope that helps.

  2. Craig Torgerson says

    Hi! The idea of a digital bulletin is very interesting. How do you add and customize the connection card portion?

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Great question. The connection card portion is automatically generated for each bulletin, but you can’t see it in edit mode because at the moment, it’s not editable. You can see it in preview mode or your final bulletin. We do have plans to make this editable in the future.

  3. says

    I just started a Faithlife Group for my Church, and followed the instructions above (without Proclaim)… but I do not see the “Bulletin” tab on my phone (like a regular person accessing the Faithlife page to view the latest Bulletin).

    Please help, ASAP.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      If the privacy settings on your church group are set to “open,” then people just need a link to your group. The current bulletin should appear at the top of your bulletins tab, but you may wish to title the bulletin by the date or title of the sermon so it’s easier to find. You can also print these bulletins if you prefer.

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