Watch Highlights from Awana’s Vantage Conference

Ed Stetzer Vantage ConferenceAt the end of April, leaders from across the country gathered at Awana headquarters to get equipped for youth and children’s ministry with Sean McDowell, Ed Stetzer, Dan Lovaglia, and others.

Vantage Conference is all about relational children’s ministry, and each speaker shares a different aspect of how leaders and ministries can facilitate discipleship.

If you missed the live event, you can still get a ticket to watch it on demand.

Experience the conference with your team or on your own, from home, the office, or wherever. Watch it all at once, or break it up across several meetings. Since it’s on demand, it’s on your schedule.

Catch some highlights from Vantage Conference in the video below:

Explore apologetics with Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell Vantage ConferenceSean McDowell dives into apologetics and discusses why this generation desperately needs to be taught how and why they can trust the authority of Scripture.

“I’m becoming convinced more and more,” Sean says, “that the issue of our day, in particular for the church, is biblical authority. It’s the authority of the Word of God. And our kids will not hold the Bible as authoritative if they don’t think it’s actually true. Not only do they need to think it’s true, they need to have good reasons to back it up, so we can know with confidence that this book is different from any other ancient book ever written.”

Learn about Christianity and culture with Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer AwanaEd Stetzer discusses the balance between knowledge and application that Christians needs to engage the world we live in.

“The last thing you want to create through the ministries in your church,” Ed says, “is knowledgeable religious people who are not living on mission. Knowledgeable religious people who are customers of the religious goods and services being distributed at your church, looking for somebody to not meet their customer service needs because they really know the Bible, but they’re not doing anything with their knowledge.”

See how to recruit and keep volunteers with Kris Smoll

Kris Smoll Vantage ConferenceKris Smoll highlights the principles behind recruiting, retaining, and discipling volunteers to build ministries that impact people’s lives.

“The reason why we recruit people,” Kris says, “is not just to do a task, not just to fill a slot, it’s not just to park cars. We, as children’s ministry workers, we are told that we need to go out and tell people, tell the next generation of the praise-worthy deeds of the Lord.”

Discover discipleship with Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin Vantage ConferenceJosh Griffin explains how discipleship really happens in youth ministry.

“Curriculum is a big deal,” Josh says. “It’s an important choice. It’s a framework. But what’s more important than anything else? It’s the teacher. And her life. And his life. The curriculum is just an excuse to get together and disciple students. And when we’re authentic and when we’re vulnerable, when we care for our students, when we share our lives with them, that’s where true life change takes place.”

Experience the power of relational ministry with Dan Lovaglia

Dan Lovaglia Vantage ConferenceDan Lovaglia draws from his new book to showcase why relationships and programs that develop them are so vital to children’s ministry.

“If you actually get with a kid,” Dan says, “and you communicate to them that you see them, like Kris said, that you know them, that you love them and serve them in the character and way of Christ, those kids are going to start to be drawn to the same Jesus that you’re modeling.”

Watch Vantage Conference on your own schedule

You can unlock on demand access to the conference from now until August 6.

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