Get Free, Limited-Time Access to a Mobile Ed Course by Dr. Darrell Bock

Darrell Bock Mobile Ed course

Starting today, you have eight weeks of free access to Dr. Bock’s course, Introducing the Gospels and Acts: Their Background, Nature, and Purpose.

Follow Tim Challies Mobile Ed Cohort on Faithlife to start learning!

Normally $229, this course is packed with scholarly insights about the gospel that can shape the way you read, teach, and preach it to others.

Dr. Bock walks you through the pivotal events of history that shaped the social, religious, and political environment of Jesus and the early church. Find out why religious leaders wanted to crucify Jesus and how the resurrection demonstrated God’s approval of Jesus as Messiah. Discover how the early church remembered, shared, and recorded the events of Jesus’ life, and how those events became the catalyst for ministry in the book of Acts. Learn about the literary features of the gospel genre and why some “gospels” were not included in the New Testament.

As a follower of Tim Challies’ group, you’ll also have access to some of the suggested readings for the course.

Once you follow the group, you can access the videos and the course transcript from within Logos or in the group.

Click follow below to unlock your free access. It’s free to everyone, so invite your friends to join you in class!


  1. Antonio Orozco says

    How can i read the “Suggested readings”? I’m signed to follow the free course, I’ve already read the first units but was trying to red the suggested reading, i was supposed to have access to those resources, am i wrong? wherever resource i click from my core installation i keep getting the “no license” message…

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Antonio, I’m sorry for the confusion. Each resource has to be connected to your account, even if it is free. Some of the suggested readings are free, but you will have to download them before you can use them.

      I realize the wording of the post was confusing in that regard, and I will update it. My apologies.

  2. Brian Cooper says

    I clicked follow and the blog page has a message that the page that I am looking for no longer exists. Have I missed the opportunity, did I miss a step somewhere?

    • Ryan Nelson says

      If you do not have a Faithlife account, clicking follow should prompt you to create an account before it takes you to the group. You didn’t miss the class, don’t worry!

  3. Joel Hudson says

    I love reading the Bible. I’ve read the Bible thought every day for over 17 years. And every time I read maybe a familiar passage I learn something new. God’s Word is a never ending source of direction and help in this life we live. And learning and studying God’s Word is priceless.

  4. Christopher says

    Having several issues with the videos, I mean videos are out of sync with the material. For example, by the 2nd page, my videos are two off from the segment themselves. Even worse they start repeating in later segments, for example, Segment 43’s video is Jesus’ Predictions about His Resurrection, then Segments 47’s video is ALSO Jesus’ Predictions about His Resurrection. And every video beyond that that I have seen already also repeat videos from before. If this is how a Mobil Ed class is then ok, but otherwise there are some issues in the videos.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Sorry about that Christopher. This is the first time we’ve offered free access to a course like this before, and we are implementing a new delivery system for the videos so that everyone in the group has access. When you purchase a Mobile Ed course, right now the best experience is within Logos Bible Software, but we’re using this free course to develop a better way to deliver the course experience to groups of people at a time. We appreciate your feedback (please keep sharing it with us), and thank you for your patience.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi David. Are you asking where to find the schedule, or are you confused about the timeline of the course? Starting yesterday, everyone has eight weeks of access to the course. Anyone who joins the course after that will need to adjust their pace to fit the remaining time. Does that help?

  5. Wayne Baker says

    I do not see how to select and therefore download the free resources. I have searched my libraries for some and have tried clicing on the suggested readings under some but have not gotten any. I do agree with your point about some cultural background. There are idioms in language that has no connection to the meanings of the words. A joke that is a good example is a door to dor vacuum cleaner sales person making light conversation with a lady while preparing for his demonstration asks if the picture on the mantle of the fireplace is the lady’s husband. She answers that is her late husband. He offers his condolances. He is an hour late getting home from work!

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Are you talking about the suggested materials, or the course itself? Have you followed the group using the link above? Once you do, connect to the reading plan. You can post any specific trouble shooting problems to the group itself. Our dev team is monitoring that closely :)

  6. says

    I started this course two days ago. From comments I understand that I have eight weeks before I lose access. I can probably do one segment a day. Can I complete the course in that time? The readings take some time and I'm clipping some of the content.

  7. says

    Hi I think this is a brilliant idea. I have one concern I have dyslexia, it take me some time to read and understand what I am reading, and I don’t think I could finish the course in eight weeks. do you have any suggestions Also have you thought of other people with disabilities can access this course. Please, God Bless and thank you for all your time. Keith

  8. says

    It's not too late to start—you still have 7 weeks to complete the course. There's no purchase necessary. Just follow the group and you'll have access to the videos.

  9. says

    It's not too late to start—you still have 7 weeks to complete the course. There's no purchase necessary. Just follow the group and you'll have access to the videos.

  10. says

    It's not too late to start—you still have 7 weeks to complete the course. There's no purchase necessary. Just follow the group and you'll have access to the videos.

  11. says

    Ryan Nelson I have been going through the course I am now at segment eight and it's time to take the test and it won't open. it gives me a box to comment on but I cannot seem to open that Topic guides or Facebook. I am now at the end of segment 8 and want to take the clears it will not open either

  12. says

    Sorry to hear that. Are you trying to take the test on a mobile device?

    The Topic Guide and Factbook are Logos 6 features. If you downloaded the core engine of Logos 6 but don't have a library for those features to access, they won't work. They are designed to "fetch" and organize the information in your library, but if there's no library, there's no information for them to retrieve and organize.

    The test should still work as long as you are taking it in Logos on a computer.

  13. Steve says

    The link at the top of this post takes me to the mobile ed course purchase page for the course – not to the “limited access page”

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