5 Things Every Church Presentation Needs to Do

welcome slideWhen someone new sets foot in your church, what happens?

A greeter hands them a bulletin as they walk through the door, an usher helps them find their seats.

Now what?

Maybe your regulars introduce themselves and strike up a conversation. Maybe they don’t.

This is where your screen comes in. It’s an anchor for regulars and a lifeline for newcomers. With the right slides, newcomers can wander into your church and feel like they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Here are five things every church presentation needs to do:

Welcome people to your church

welcome church nameYour welcome slide (or video) should reflect the atmosphere you want to create and the character of your church.

You could use a still slide with the name of your church, or a subtle motion graphic for a different effect:

Some churches use a video of a staff person to provide a mini-orientation, highlighting the mission of the church and giving some helpful instructions and what to expect so newcomers feel “in the know.”

Proclaim Church Presentation Software comes loaded with thousands of welcome slides and motion graphics that have already been optimized for the screen, so you can always find something that fits your church.

Tell visitors what to do next

gift for visitorsYou probably have a plan in place for how to nurture relationships with visitors and newcomers. When someone attends your service for the first time, what would you like them to do next?

They probably aren’t ready to join a small group, volunteer with one of your ministries, or sign up for your big event yet. This is their first touch point with your community. Tell them what you’d like them to do next.

If you don’t take time to address your visitors specifically, people might start to feel like they just walked into someone else’s family reunion, or a company meeting at a place they don’t work.

Answer questions before people ask

cry room announcement slideSome people sitting in your church have logistical questions.

“Where is the . . . ? How do I . . . ?”

Answering those questions in advance with your presentation can put people at ease and relieve you from giving 10 minutes of announcements every weekend—plus it greatly increases the number of people who can answer those questions.

Make a list of some of the most frequently asked logistical questions in your church, and if it’s appropriate, work the answers into your usual presentation. Imagine what it’s like to set foot in your church for the first time—what would you need to know?

Share ways to stay connected

men's breakfastNewcomers and regulars alike can benefit from more connection points with your community. Announcements about upcoming events give your regulars a reminder to invite their friends (maybe the ones sitting next to them) to experience more of what your church has to offer.

It’s always a good idea to call out events that are specially catered to newcomers (and to reinforce your announcement slide with a sincere invitation from someone up front). That way visitors who may not have friends in your congregation yet still feel welcome .

For your regular attendees, remind them about regularly occurring events they might not be regularly participating in, like Bible studies and worship nights. Sometimes people want to join in, but they don’t know who to ask or where to find out about events. Your church service should be a place people can expect to hear about what’s going on in your church.
women's bible study

If your church legitimately uses social media (the last step in your digital ministry) to keep people in the loop about what’s going on, and you have someone (or multiple someones) monitoring your social media for when people have questions, consider adding a slide telling people how to connect with you on social media. You could add the slide to a loop that runs before and after the service so that it’s subtle, but available.

connect on social media

Your church may have other ways you communicate with people regularly, like a newsletter, email list, sermon podcast, or a YouTube or Vimeo channel. Let your presentation help direct people to the most valuable places they can connect with you.

Thank them for coming

see you next week slideWhile you probably have audible cues to tell people the service is over and that you were glad to see them, your final slide visually reinforces your sign-off. If you have an event or gathering right after the service, this slide can also tell people what’s happening next and where to go.

Letting the words linger on the screen for a while can help your welcoming atmosphere persist after you’ve left the stage. This is also a great time to remind people about your other announcements and ways to stay connected.

Create better presentations faster

Proclaim Church Presentation Software gives you thousands of templated slides you can search and modify to fit your needs. Our Smart Media automatically formats so your text fits your background, and Proclaim remembers announcements you’ve made before, so you never have to create the same slide twice.

Try Proclaim free for 30 days and start creating better presentations, faster.


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    We’re actually most of the way done producing a Spanish version of Proclaim. As for announcement slides, we don’t currently have premade slides in Spanish, but when you add text to your announcements in Proclaim, you can reuse those slides later, so if you add Spanish announcements, you can use them again later.

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