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Vantage Conference

On April 22, you have the opportunity to hear from an incredible lineup of speakers. Vantage Conference by Awana Ministries is bringing together Ed Stetzer, Sean McDowell, Kris Smoll, Dan Lovaglia, and Josh Griffin to talk about reaching the next generation of kids.

You can stream the conference live or on demand with Faithlife.

This massive gathering of ministry professionals and volunteers is designed to fuel your passion for kids and help you reach your potential as a leader. The focus this year is on relational ministry and discipleship, or as Awana calls it, “The Great Connection.” If you want to develop meaningful relationships that illuminate the gospel, this is your conference.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Give kids confidence in the reliability of Scripture
  • Engage the intersection between the Word and the world
  • Create disciples
  • Recruit, keep, and disciple the volunteers you need
  • . . . and more!

You can round up your leadership team and stream the conference live or watch it on demand for 120 days after the conference. You can break it into bite-sized chunks for your regular meetings or plan a time to watch the whole thing on your own schedule.

Get your ticket to stream the conference live or on demand.

Get free relational ministry tips and tools

To help people get ready for the conference, Awana is giving you free limited-time access to read half of Dan Lovaglia’s latest book, Relational Children’s Ministry: Turning Kid-Influencers Into Lifelong Disciple Makers.

As one of your conference speakers (who happens to be speaking on this very topic), Dan is eager to be a part of this conversation—and he wants you to read his book and talk about kids ministry with other leaders, even if you aren’t joining him at the conference.

relational children's ministry

Dan’s book launches on April 5, and starting on April 7, anyone who follows Vantage Conference on Faithlife will get 30 days of free access.

relational children's ministry book

Follow Vantage Conference on Faithlife to unlock your free access to Relational Children’s Ministry.

Meet the speakers and learn more about Awana’s Vantage Conference.


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