Win 3 Years of Proclaim and Pro Media, Plus a Whole Lot More

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Now until March 31, your church can enter to win three years of Proclaim, Pro Media, and so much more!

Follow Proclaim on Faithlife and your church is entered. It’s that easy. Invite more people to increase your church’s chance to win—every person you invite earns you an additional entry.

With Proclaim and Pro Media, anyone on your staff can look like a professional. Proclaim is like having a built-in designer—one of our designers has already selected the ideal font, colors, and text size to accompany each background. That means no more fighting font clutter or squinting at screens because of poor contrast. Your church will have thousands of motion graphics, welcome videos, countdown videos, still backgrounds, and more to add to your services.

And that’s not all.

Streamline your sermon podcasting

Proclaim makes it easy to record and publish your sermons. Set up cues to start and stop recording automatically. With a click, you can publish your sermon the moment your pastor steps off the pulpit. Proclaim records your slides along with the audio, so your online viewers can follow along. Save your staff hours each week and remove the hand-offs.

Work as a team

Imagine having unlimited installs and unlimited accounts connected to your one subscription for no additional charge. That means your volunteers can work on the presentation from home. Your pastor can change sermon slides from a coffee shop. Your worship team can add songs to the service during band practice. And you can communicate with your team right inside Proclaim.

Turn smart phones into assets, not distractions

Let’s face it. Some people in your congregation are going to be on their phones during the service. Of course, some of them are using there Bible apps. But some of them aren’t. With Proclaim Signals, you can prompt people to follow along in the Bible, or even send out a survey (and display the live results in your presentation)!

Say you’re preaching through Judges 11. You could ask this revealing question about how we read the Old Testament, and share the results before and after your sermon.

Control your presentation from the stage

The Proclaim Remote app lets you take charge of the slides from the stage (or wherever you are), so you never have to say, “Next slide!” again.

Enter to win

There’s less than two weeks left to enter the giveaway! That’s still plenty of time to invite your church. Every person you invite earns you an additional entry to the giveaway. Since the winner gets to choose the lucky church that receives the prize, imagine how many entries your church could get if every person you invite invites everyone they know? Follow Proclaim on Faithlife and start inviting people right now!

Try it free

If your church doesn’t win the giveaway, that’s okay. You can still feel like a winner with 30 days of free access to everything Proclaim has to offer. Your entire team can take advantage of this offer right now.

Download Proclaim and start your free trial.

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