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Romans timeline

Inside every Logos 6 base package, you’ll find unique media designed to help you explore the biblical world. If your church has Proclaim Church Presentation Software, you can share some of your exclusive Logos media with your church. And only one person has to have Logos for your entire team to use this exclusive media in Proclaim.

Here are a few examples of the types of media your entire church can take advantage of when you connect your Logos account to your church’s Proclaim group:

Bible Book packs

Every book of the Bible has its own Bible Book Pack. Each pack includes a timeline of the major events in the book, a map of where the events of the book take place, a sermon slide with a subtle background, and a title slide to introduce the book.


The events of the Bible span thousands of years. Whether your sermon series is weaving in and out of the Minor Prophets or spending weeks in a single book, a timeline orients your church in the right historical period, and highlights the key events behind the words of Scripture.

Walk your congregation through the historical context of Micah, for example, to help your church see new significance in familiar verses like Micah 6:8.
Timeline of Micah

Share outlines of every book of the Bible when you connect your Logos account to your church’s Proclaim group. Your church can even try Proclaim free for 30 days.


When the events of the Bible take place on the other side of the world, it’s easy to miss the significance of geography. The right map can help people see Scripture in a whole new way.

A map can show you, for example, just how far Jews would typically go to avoid Samaritans, on say, a journey from Judaea to Galilee.
Samaria map
Proclaim organizes your maps into media packs for each book of the Bible, so the maps you’ll find are relevant to the passage you’re teaching on.

Help your congregation follow your journey through the biblical world with maps—download Proclaim for free and find them in your Logos media.

Bonus church media

The Visual Copy tool in Logos 6 lets you share powerful insights on professional backgrounds. When you link your Logos account to your church’s Proclaim group, your team gets access to hundreds of pieces of new media—including themed backgrounds, custom book slides, and author quotes.

Themed backgrounds

Proclaim gives you thousands of pieces of media, but when you connect your Logos account, your church gets 28 more packs of professional slides from a variety of styles.
parchment background

Custom book quotes

Whether your congregation is working through a popular Christian book together, or you just happen to be quoting from one of these famous works, as a Logos user you have 556 custom book slides to share with your church.
The Purpose Driven Life quote
Studying or quoting a famous author or theologian? We’ve created slide packs for 13 significant thinkers that each come with six themes.
Charles Spurgeon quote
Proclaim gives you thousands of pieces of professional media. Connect your Logos account to give your team even more to work with.

Import media from Logos

Logos is packed with detailed biblical infographics, photos of biblical places, Christian stock photos, and more. When you find this media in Logos, you can send it right to Proclaim and add it to your presentation.

Start sharing your Logos media with your church

If you have Logos, you already know how important it is to study the Bible in context. Your Logos media is one of the many tools that helps you explore the Bible in new ways, and it’s an experience you can share with your entire church. Find the media you want to share, and add it to your presentation in Proclaim.

Here’s how to find your Logos media in Proclaim:

Try Proclaim free for 30 days—no credit card required—and share your Logos media with your congregation.


  1. Antony Rei says

    K great, we have proclaim at church and I have Logos: how do I associate my account with the church proclaim?

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Are you a member of your church’s Proclaim group on Your account has access to Logos, and your church’s Proclaim subscription is provided through the group.

      When your Faithlife account is associated with your church’s group, your group should have access to the Logos Media section in Proclaim.

      • Antony Rei says

        No I am not yet: how do I do so? I am not sure the rest of the tech team knows much about this side of things and it would be helpful for them to know. It is great software, but I don’t think we are using to it’s full potential.

        • Antony Rei says

          plus if I use logos to create a presentation, how do I transfer it to the church group? is it automatically sent to the cloud?

          • Ryan Nelson says

            When you select “Send to Proclaim Church Presentation Software,” you’ll be prompted to open Proclaim, and unless you have a specific presentation open already, it will start a new presentation.

            The video on this page does a good job explaining how the process works from within Logos:


      • Antony Rei says

        Looks like they only have a presentation account, and have not associated themselves as a church. How can they do this?

        • Ryan Nelson says

          They don’t need to associate themselves with a church. By “your church’s Proclaim group” I just meant “the Proclaim group your church uses.” If you join their Proclaim group using the same account you have access to Logos with, that should unlock the media for the entire group. They may need to invite you before you can join.

          Once you are part of the group, you can find the media in Proclaim by following the instructions in the video (they start at 28 seconds).

  2. Rick says

    Where do I find the Bible Book Packs? Are they a part of Logos software or in the Proclaim software?
    I have Logos but not Proclaim. I use Logos to prepare Sunday school lessons and don’t have/use/need Proclaim.

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