39 Old Testament Maps—One for Every Book

Old Testament maps ExodusWhen the events of the Bible take place on the other side of the world, it’s easy to miss the significance of geography. A single verse could transport you miles away, and you might never notice. The books of the Bible deal with real, physical places, and even if we can’t be there, we can still use maps to get our bearings.

Sometimes the right map can help you see Scripture in a whole new way.

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When you use Logos 6 and Proclaim Church Presentation Software together, you can share hundreds of pieces of exclusive church media with your church—including maps for every book of the Bible. (Try Proclaim free for 30 days here.)

Here you’ll find 39 of those maps—one for every book of the Old Testament, in canonical order.


Old Testament maps Genesis


Old Testament maps of Exodus


Old Testament maps Leviticus


Old Testament maps Numbers


Old Testament maps Deuteronomy


Old Testament maps Joshua


Old Testament maps Judges


Old Testament maps Ruth

1 Samuel

Old Testament maps 1 Samuel

2 Samuel

Old Testament maps 2 Samuel

1 Kings

Old Testament maps 1 Kings

2 Kings

Old Testament maps 2 Kings

1 Chronicles

Old Testament maps 1 Chronicles


Old Testament maps Ezra


Old Testament maps Nehemiah


Old Testament maps Esther


Old Testament maps Job


Old Testament maps Psalms


Old Testament maps Proverbs


Old Testament maps Ecclesiastes

Song of Solomon

Old Testament maps Song of Solomon


Old Testament maps Isaiah


Old Testament maps Jeremiah


Old Testament maps Lamentations


Old Testament maps Ezekial


Old Testament maps Daniel


Old Testament maps Hosea


Old Testament maps Joel


Old Testament maps Amos


Old Testament maps Obadiah


Old Testament maps Jonah


Old Testament maps Micah


Old Testament maps Nahum


Old Testament maps Habakkuk


Old Testament maps Zephaniah


Old Testament maps Haggai


Old Testament maps Zechariah


Old Testament maps Malachi

Maps make it easy to see how the cities and landmarks of the Bible fit together. When you’re trying to keep track of who went where, a map can help keep you (or your listeners) anchored in biblical context.

Study with Logos 6 and present with Proclaim Church Presentation Software to unlock 66 Bible book packs—complete with maps, timelines, and everything else you need to walk your congregation through Scripture.


  1. says

    Ryan Nelson Aren't these the maps included in the DIY Bible Study? I just did a media search for "Map" in that resource and got all these:

    *Update* Appartently, I cannot attach an image. :-(

    *Update 2* Apparently, I cannot spell apparently correctly. :P

    • Chris Bradford says

      So we always had them already in Logos? Was it just a gimmick to get us to sign up for the free 30-day trial? Is there anywhere other than the DIY Bible Study to get to the maps specifically so I do not have to scour the whole DIY Bible to find the map I want to look at immediately?

      • Ryan Nelson says

        You do not have to have Proclaim to unlock them in Logos. You just need DIY Bible Study. If you have Logos 6 though, connecting your account to Proclaim unlocks an exclusive Logos Media section in Proclaim (which anyone in your Proclaim group can access).

        If you search your media for a specific book of the Bible, you should find a “media collection” for that book. If you select the media collection you should find a map, timeline, and slide templates for presenting.

        If you use the Media Browser from Logos Now, you can also find these media collections under Lexham Bible Background Slides.

  2. Hamilton Ramos says

    God bless:

    The maps are real neat. I wonder if important events could be added (like appearances of God, Visions, prophecies, spiritual war, etc.) could be added and that had also the passages in which the events happens in mouseover display.

    This so that one can use the maps as visual index.

    Just an idea.


    • Ryan Nelson says

      Great idea, Hamilton. These maps are included with a timeline as well, but it sounds like you’re talking about a hybrid map-timeline-interactive?

  3. Dr. Keith J. Wise says

    Good stuff for geographical awareness. Have taught a survey course at the college level for several years and am always looking for good sources, especially for the novice. Thanks

  4. says

    In Logos, these are available with DIY Bible Study. If you have DIY Bible Study (which comes in Logos 6), then here’s how you find them:

    Search your media for a specific book of the Bible and you should find a “media collection” for that book. Select the media collection and you should find a map, timeline, and slide templates for presenting.

    If you use the Media Browser from Logos Now, you can also find these media collections under Lexham Bible Background Slides.

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