Bring Bible Art to Your Coffee Table This Christmas

Bible verse art coffee table book

Picturing Scripture, a coffee table book from the designers at Faithlife, is gathering support as a Kickstarter project.

Back it now to reserve your copy.

Everyday for the last three years, we’ve released a new Verse of the Day. This art has taken many forms, like t-shirts, magnets, postcards, and even a suite of apps.

For Picturing Scripture, we paired the 100 best-loved pieces of verse art from the last 5 years with uplifting devotionals, and bound them together in an elegant hardback book.

There are several awesome perks available on Kickstarter:

Pledge $45 for one book
Pledge $79 for two books
Pledge $199 for five books

For a pledge of $299, you’ll get a book and a custom piece of verse art designed just for you!

All of our perks will ship to supporters just in time for Christmas. Quantities are limited, so reserve your copy today!

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