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This fall, New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Blomberg is enjoying a well-deserved sabbatical. How is he spending it? Naturally, at Tyndale House in Cambridge, working on a new book on New Testament theology.

While he’s currently in the early stages of the work, Dr. Blomberg has hinted that his book will chronologically trace the promise-fulfillment scheme throughout the New Testament. He notes that even just a year ago, he could have summarized the opening chapters of Acts without touching on the fulfillment of Scripture. This new work will emphasize “the centrality of fulfillment” in the New Testament.

So what does this have to do with you?

Tell Blomberg what you think

Dr. Craig Blomberg wants to hear your feedback. If you’re interested in Dr. Blomberg’s new book, or New Testament scholarship in general, follow his Faithlife Group here. About once a week, Blomberg has been sharing where he’s at in his work, how his thesis is interacting with Scripture, and how you can join the discussion.

See how a top Bible scholar navigates Scripture

Perhaps one of the most valuable facets of Dr. Blomberg’s Faithlife Group is that you get to see his whole process. You get to see how he reads, writes, studies, and connects Scripture—all while interacting with him directly. Seeing Dr. Blomberg’s process behind-the-scenes could be just what you need to challenge and inspire your own study of Scripture.

Introduce yourself and join the conversation

Craig BlombergDr. Blomberg says, “I’m a 60-year old baby boomer who still likes to learn first and last names, if you’d be so kind. Tell us a little about yourself that would explain your interest in the group—past or present seminary or Bible college student, Bible teacher or translator, avid Logos techie, or whatever.”

The body of Christ is vast and full of brilliant minds. Not all of those minds get the opportunities they deserve to be a part of influencing future scholarship. Dr. Blomberg is tapping into the body of Christ to help him produce scholarship that will benefit the church the most.

Follow Dr. Blomberg’s Faithlife Group and introduce yourself!

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You can browse all of Blomberg’s previous works here.

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